Barron's 3500 words

  1. Decollete (adj)
    having a low-cut neckline
  2. Decry (v)
    express strong disapproval of; disparage
  3. Defame (v)
    to harm someones reputation; malign; slander
  4. Default (n)
    failure to act
  5. Defer (v)
    to give in respectfully; submit
  6. Defray (v)
    provide for the payment for
  7. Defrock (v)
    to strip a priest or minister of church authority
  8. Deft (adj)
    neat; skillful
  9. defunct (adj)
    dead; no longer in exiztance or use
  10. Deign (v)
    to condescend; stoop
  11. Delineate (v)
    portray; depict; sketch
  12. Delude (v)
    to deceive
  13. Deluge (n)
    flood; rush
  14. Delusive (adj)
    deceptive; raising false hopes
  15. Demotic (adj)
    pertaining to the people
  16. Demur (n, v)
    • (n) objection; protest
    • (v) to object; hesitate
  17. Demure (adj)
    grave; serious; coy
  18. Denigrate (v)
  19. Denoument (n)
    outcome; final development of the plot in a play or other literary work
  20. Depose (v)
    to dethrone; remove from office
  21. Depravity (n)
    extreme corruption; wickedness
  22. Deprecate (v)
    express disapproval of; protest against; belittle
  23. Depredation (n)
  24. Descry (v)
    to catch sight of
  25. Desolate (v,n)
    • (v) to rob of joy; lay waste to; forsake
    • (n) joyess; unpopulated
  26. Despoil (v)
    to strip of valuables; rob
  27. Despondent (adj)
    depressed; gloomy
  28. Destitute (adj)
    extremely poor
  29. Destuetude (n)
    state of disuse
  30. Determinate (adj)
  31. Detraction (n)
    slandering; aspersion
  32. Devious (adj)
    roundabout; erratic; not straightforward
  33. Diadem (n)
  34. Didactic (adj)
    teaching; instructional
  35. Diffidence (n)
  36. Diffuse (adj)
    wody or rambling; spread out
  37. Dimunition (n)
    lessening; reduction in size
  38. Din (n)
    continued loud noise
  39. Dint (n)
    means; effort
  40. Disaffected (adj)
  41. Disapprobation (n)
    disapporval; condemnation
  42. Disclaim (v)
    to disown; renounce claim to
  43. Discomfit (v)
    to put to rout; defeat; disconcert
  44. Disconcert (v)
    to confuse; upset; embarrass
  45. Disconsolate (adj)
  46. Discursive (adj)
    digressing; rambling
  47. Disenfranchise (v)
    to deprive of a civil right
  48. Disinter (v)
    to dig up; unearth
  49. Disinterested (adj)
  50. Disjointed (adj)
    lacking coherence; separated at the joints
  51. Disjunction (n)
    act or state of separation; disunity
  52. Disparage (v)
  53. Dispassionate (adj)
    calm; impartial
  54. Dispatch (n)
    speediness; prompt execution; message sent with due speed
  55. Disport (v)
    to amuse
  56. Disquietude (n)
    uneasiness; anxiety
  57. Disquisition (n)
    a formal systematic inquiry
  58. Dissimulate (v)
    to pretend; conceal by feigning
  59. Dissolution (n)
    disintegration; looseness in morals
  60. Distrait (adj)
    inattentive; distracted
  61. Doddering (adj)
    shaky; infirm from old age
  62. Doff (v)
    to take off
  63. doggerel (n)
    a poor verse
  64. Doldrums (n)
  65. Doleful (adj)
  66. Dolorous (adj)
  67. Dormer (n)
    window projecting from a roof
  68. Dotage (n)
  69. Dour (adj)
    sullen; stubborn
  70. Dowdy (adj)
    slovenly; untidy
  71. Downcast (adj)
  72. Dross (n)
    waste matter; worthless impurities
  73. Drudgery (n)
    menial work
  74. Dubious (adj)
    questionable; filled with doubt
  75. Ductile (adj)
  76. Dulcet (adj)
    sweet sounding
  77. Duplicity (n)
    double-meaning; hypocrisy
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