Gatsby Vocab

  1. Fluctuate
    to change continually from one position to another
  2. hydroplane
    a light, high powered boat
  3. disconcerning
    to throw into confusion or disorder
  4. olfactory
    of or pertaining the sence of smell
  5. denizen
    a person who regularly frequents a place
  6. jaumtily
    easy and sprightly in manner
  7. samandulatory
  8. harrowed
    to disturb keenly or painfuly
  9. defunct
    no longer in use, not functioning
  10. reproach
    an expression unbraiding, censure, or reproof
  11. serfs
    a slave
  12. vestige
    a mark, or trace, or visiable evidence that no longer exists
  13. pompadour
    hair style
  14. nebulous
    not clear, cloudy
  15. laudable
    deserving praise
  16. meretricious
    alluring by a show or flashy attraction
  17. conceits
    imagination, conceded
  18. turgid
  19. septic
    pertaining to or of the nature of sepsis, infected
  20. proximity
    nerness in place
  21. dilatory
    tending to delay or procrasinate
  22. caravansary
    group of people traveling together
  23. portentous
    to impress, to pretend
  24. vacuous
  25. constrained
    to compel or to force
  26. echolalia
    a habit of repeating
  27. supercilious
    full of contempt and arrogance
  28. fractiousness
    the act of being troublesome
  29. deft
    moving in a quick skillful way
  30. incredulously
    unwilling to admit what is true
  31. languidly
    in a manner of acting viguring
  32. hulking
    large, bulking and often clumsy
  33. extemporizing
    to improve
  34. pereptorily
    expressive of urgent or demand
  35. banns
    wedding announcements, engagement announcements
  36. saunter
    to walk with no apperent aim or purpous
  37. contiguous
    being in actual contact
  38. pastoral
    rustic, rual
  39. hauteur
    pride and arrogance
  40. ectoplasm
    the substance believe by spiritualist, ghosts
  41. strident
    describes something harsh or shrill
  42. cataracts
    eye disease
  43. innuendo
  44. staid
    marked by sadateness, to the poin of dullness
  45. acertain
    to make exact or percise
  46. permeate
    to go or pass, to spread through
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