Barron's 3500 words

  1. Collation (n)
    light meal
  2. Colloquial (adj)
    pertaining to conversational or common speech
  3. Colloquy (n)
    informal discussion
  4. Comity (n)
  5. Commensurate (adj)
    corresponding in exent, amount, degree, etc; proportionate
  6. Commiserate (v)
    feel or express pity or sympathy for
  7. Commodious (adj)
    spacious or comfortable
  8. Compendium (n)
    brief, comprehensive summary
  9. Complaisant (adj)
    trying to please; overly polite; obliging
  10. Complicity (n)
    involvement in a crime; participation
  11. Comport (v)
    bear one's self; behave
  12. Compunction (n)
  13. Concatenate (v)
    to link as in a chain
  14. Conciliatory (adj)
    reconciling; soothing
  15. Conclave (n)
    private meeting
  16. concomitant (n)
    that which accompanies
  17. Condign (adj)
    appropriate; deseved (almost always, in the sense of deservedly severe, as in condign punishment)
  18. Conflate (v)
    to meld or fuse; confuse; combine into one
  19. Confluence (n)
    flowing together; crowd
  20. Congenial (adj)
    pleasant; friendly
  21. Conjecture (v)
    infer on the basis of insufficient data; surmise; guess
  22. Connivance (n)
    pretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend (v, connive)
  23. Connubial (adj)
    pertaining to marriage or the matrimonial state
  24. Consanguinity (n)
  25. Conscript (n)
    draftee; person forced into military service
  26. Consequential (adj)
    pompous; self important
  27. Conservatory (n)
    school of the fine arts (esp music and dance)
  28. Consign (v)
    to deliver officially; entrust; set apart
  29. Consonance (n)
    harmony; agreement
  30. Consummate (adj)
    wholly without flaw; supremely skilled; complete and utter
  31. Contingent (n)
    group that makes up part of a gathering
  32. Contravene (v)
    to contradict; oppose; infringe on or transgress
  33. Controvert (v)
    to oppose with arguments; attempt to refute; contradict
  34. Conversant (adj)
    familiar with
  35. Convivial (adj)
    festive; gay
  36. Convoke (v)
    to call together
  37. Coquette (n)
  38. Corpulent (adj)
    very fat
  39. Countenance (v,n)
    • (v) approve; tolerate
    • (n) face
  40. Countermand (v)
    cancel; revoke
  41. Cow (v)
    bully; terrorize; intimidate
  42. Cozen (v)
    cheat; hoodwink; swindle
  43. Crabbed (adj)
    sour; peevish
  44. Credence (n)
  45. Credo (n)
  46. Crestfallen (adj)
    dejected; dispirited
  47. Crone (n)
  48. Crotchety (adj)
    eccentric; whimsical
  49. Cursory (adj)
    casual; hastily done
  50. Cynosure (n)
    object of general attention
  51. Dais (n)
    raised platform for honored guests
  52. Dappled (adj)
  53. Daub (v)
    to smear (as with paint)
  54. Deadpan (adj)
    wooden; impassive
  55. Dearth (n)
  56. Debacle (n)
    sudden downfall; complete disaster
  57. Debase (v)
    to reduce the quality or value of; lower in esteem; degrade
  58. Debauch (v)
    to corrupt; seduce from virtue
  59. Decadence (n)
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