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  1. What is a Science Learning Center?
    a place where several students at a time can do activities independently, working through materials and directions found there
  2. What must be considered when developing a Science Learning Center?
    • purpose and objectives
    • activity cards and worksheets
    • materials and their resupply
    • record keeping and evaluation
    • the physical setup
  3. Deciding on the Purpose!
    • general enrichment
    • complement an instructional unit or to present an entire unit when you only have a few materials
    • avoid activities whose outcomes take more time to happen than the time you assign students to be at the center
  4. Developing Activity Cards and Worksheets!
    • directions on activity cards must be simple so independent work is possible
    • use short sentences and easy words
    • scaffolding approach = paring poor readers with good readers who will help
    • make design of activity cards appealing and different for each topic
    • use cardstock
    • include open-ended activities to have many possibilities for process-skill development
    • record sheets help tell what child has done
  5. Materials!
    common materials from home that dispel the idea that science is a strange enterprise
  6. Record Keeping and Evaluation!
    • have a master list of all center's activities or objectives with the children's names written to one side
    • check the child's record sheet against your master list
    • monitor student progress to be sure that center activities are meeting your objectives and maintaining the students' interest
    • periodically schedule individual conferences
  7. Arranging the Physical Setup!
    • locate the center where it will not interfere with other activities and where it is visible to you at all times
    • wall space needed
  8. How do you manage the Science Learning Center?
    • investigations can be made into learning centers
    • always use clear directions
    • check to see that the students understand the procedure
    • demonstrate an activity to get their interest
    • model appropriate behavior with materials
    • plenty of time at first to ensure a successful learning experience
    • work at centers can be assigned or optional.
    • allow children to be an active part in planning their learning
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