MOD G unit 4

  1. The preferred way to manage stress whenever there is a reasonable possibility of success
  2. May serve as a valuable "window" that influences not only how individuals appraise stress but also how they cope with stress
  3. Good stress
  4. An adaptive response to stress which allows us to remain in the stressful situation but in a less active way than with an assertive approach
  5. how stress is labeled when events have a harmful effect
  6. A response to stressful situations that involoves a change in our behavior due to another's direct influences
  7. Making mutual concessions with another person
  8. Severe mental disorders that interfere with a perception of reality
  9. Mild emotional disturbances that impair judgement
  10. A complex emotion that occurs when we fear losing a close relationship with another person or have lost in already
  11. Energizing and directing our efforts toward a meaningful goal
  12. A complex pattern of changes that includes physiological arousal, subjective feeling, cognitive processes, and behavior reactions-all in response to a situation we perceive to be personally significant.
  13. Goal-directed activities that energize and dircect behavior
  14. A method for treating mental disorders by mental rather than physical means
  15. People who tend to be competitive, argumentative, and impatient as well as hostile
    Type A individuals
  16. Elements fo pleasure or displeasure, liking or disliking that are a component of emtions
    Subjective Feelings
  17. The urge to succeed
    Desire for success
  18. People who tend to be relaxed
    Type B individuals
  19. paralysis on one side of the body
  20. The pattern of responses an individual makes to stimulus events that disturb his or her equilibrium or exceed coping abilities.
  21. Inflammation of a joint
  22. Redness of the skin
  23. Disease that results in a reduction of bone mass which frequently occurs in postmenopausal women. Can result in back pain and fractures.
  24. Form of arthritis with inflammation of the joints, swelling, stiffness, and pain
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
  25. Stress related illness when a patient is in constant state of worry
  26. What term also refers to psychodelics or mind expanding chemicals
  27. When instructing a pt to use a walker, the MA should adjust the height to what?
    The handles should be at the pt's waist level
  28. The overuse of muscle or group of muscle can result in
  29. AMA principles of medical ethics state that the physician should provide___________
    compent medical service and with compassion and respect for human dignity
  30. Offenses against all citizens
    Criminal law
  31. What are the 3 parts of the physician and patient contract?
    • offer
    • acceptance
    • consideration
  32. Hazardous medical waste includes what?
    • solid
    • infectionous
    • chemical
    • radioactive
  33. How can the decor of an office effect patient and employees?
  34. An artifical limb, no matter how sophisicated and well-fitting, lacks what?
    sensory input
  35. What was the first woman to qualify as a physician in the U.S.?
    Elizabeth Blackwell
  36. According to ADA, all public facilities must be accessible for whom?
    All disabilities and handicaps
  37. T or F. ADA is composed of five titles.
  38. T or F. Information concerning pt's may be given to another member of the health care team only when it pertains directly to the course of treatment.
  39. What is the purpose of the Good Samaritan Act?
    Protect them from liability in the event of an emergency
  40. How should an MA put on sterile gloves.
    Should grasp glove with nondominant hand first
  41. The science that deals with people's performance and good health while carrying out job tasks, operating office equipment, and generally interacting in the work environment
  42. What is the purpose of the AAMA?
    To raise the standards of MA to the professional level
  43. Stress related condition
  44. Overuse of a muscle or muscle group of muscles could result in ________
  45. Disease causing movement disorders generally cause ___________ in skill and coordination.
    Lack or loss
  46. When a joint isn't used regularly, the range of motion (ROM) is ___________
    limited or stiff
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