1. what is the most common cause of a person to seek dental services
    odontogenic pain
  2. what is the drug of choice for mild pain?
    COX inhibitors (ASA, ibuprophen, naproxen, APAP)
  3. what is the primary dental care?
    clean out infection
  4. what is the most common dermatologic disease in the mouth?
    oral lichen lanus
  5. t/f as secondary therapy for OLP if it is moderate to severe or unresponsive to topical steriods then a stystemic steriod is given
  6. what systemic steroid is given for OLP
  7. what is the most common oral mucosal disease?
    recurrent aphthous stomatitis/ulceration CANCKER SORE
  8. t/f with prolonged use topical steriods can cause a thickening of the mucosa?
  9. what is used if RAS is wide spread inflammation?
    topical, rinse, creams or elixir
  10. what is the primary therapy for RAS?
    coriticosteroids, covering agents, antiseptics, topical steroids, non steroid preparations (amlexanox or "Orabase soothe N seal protective barrier)
  11. what are three topical corticosteroids used in oral ulcerations RAS?
    • clobetasol proprionate
    • fluocinonide
    • triamcinolone
  12. what is Amlexanox?
    non steroid topical prepartion for RAS
  13. how is amlexanox (aphthasol) taken?
    qid (4x a day) after brushing, meals and @ hs/ 10 day max
  14. what does Amlexanox do?
    inhibit realse of histamine and leukotrienes
  15. how is Amlexanox applied?
    dab of past on the lesion with q tip of finger
  16. what is a chronic systemic regimen Rx used as a tertiary line of therapy for RAS?
  17. if a topical corticosteroid such as tramcinolone acetonide ointment is used for lichen lanus, when should it be applied?
    after meals and at bedtime
  18. what is the primary therapy for erythema multiforme?
    topical anestehtic/antihistamine (diphenhydramine, vascous lidocaine, kaopectate or maalox)
  19. what is the secondary therapy for cicatricial pemphigoid?
  20. t/f actinic cheilosis cannot become carcinoma
    FALSE can become squamous cell carcinoma
  21. what is the primary therapy for actinic cheilosis?
    • use SPF 30+
    • avoid sun 10AM-4PM
    • hat, long sleeves, sunglasses
  22. tingling, itching, buring and pain around vermillion, nose and lips could be defined as?
    prodromal sensations
  23. t/f the prodrome phase is infectious
  24. t/f never use steroids on herpetic infections
  25. what is an OTC topical agent used for herpetic infections?
    docosanol (abreva) apply at first prodromal sign with a cotton tipped applicator 5x day and only used on extra oral
  26. what is an example of Rx for herpetic infection (the one in the red)
    valcyclovir (valtrex) only take for one day!
  27. why must dentures be removed at night?
    tissues need to slough
  28. what should dentures be immersed in?
    antifungal solution
  29. what are three antifungal agents used for candida as a primary therapy
    • nystatin
    • clotrmazole trouche
    • ketoconazole cream
  30. t/f xylitol products and fluoride needs to be used daily because of the sugar added to the nystatin?
  31. what is an example (in red) of systemic disease causing xerostomia?
  32. how is xerostomia diagnosed?
    clinical examination
  33. what will you find clinically with a pt that has xerostomia? 4
    • lack wetness of mucosal tissues and teeth
    • thick, ropey saliva
    • atrophic, fissured tongue
    • incisal and smooth surfaces caries
  34. what are three pt educations that can be given for xerostomia?
    • hydration
    • fluoride dentifrice 2x day
    • xylitol gums or candies 6 grmas 3 + times a day
  35. what is a medicaiton that is used to stimulate salivation?
    pilocarpine (salagen)
  36. what are four things that need to be done for caries control of xerostomia?
    • alcohol free chlorhexidine gluconate rinse
    • supplimental fluoride and dentifrices
    • xylitol products
    • 3 month recall
  37. with pericoronitis the therpies used are to establish _____ and remove sources of ______
    • drainage
    • trauma
  38. what is done first during the primary treatment of pericoronitis?
    establish drainage
  39. what is the drug of choice as a secondary line of therapy for pericoronities? When is this given?
    • penicillin
    • AFTER debridement
  40. how is a socket treated for alveolar osteitis?
    irrigation "dilution is the solution to pollution"
  41. what is the analgesic given to a pt with alveolar osteitis?
    hydrocodone/ibuprofen combo
  42. what is any inflammatory condition affecting the mucosal tissues of the mouth called?
  43. what are four oral health education to give to a pt with stomatitis?
    • swallow aspirin
    • tobacco cessation
    • take out dental prosthesis at night
    • correct prosthesis defects
  44. what is secondary thearpy for a pt with stomatitis?
    • salt/backing soda water rinses
    • 1/2 tsp salt and baking soda in 16 oz water
  45. what is the primary therapy for burning mouth disorder?
    clonazepam (klonopin)
  46. t/f the DH can diagnose a lesion and inform the pt
    FALSE DDS provides diagnosis
  47. thearpy for necrotizing ulcerative gignivitis begins with?

    C. debridement to reduce bacterial mass
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