Barron's 3500 words

  1. Bluster (v)
    to blow in heavy gusts
  2. Bode (v)
    foreshadow; portend
  3. Bohemian (adj)
    unconventional (in an artistic way)
  4. Boon (n)
    blessing; benefit
  5. Bowlderize (v)
  6. Brackish (adj)
    somewhat saline
  7. Braggadocio (n)
  8. Braggart (n)
  9. Brazen (adj)
  10. Brindled (adj)
    tawny or grayish with streaks or spots
  11. Broach (v)
    to introduce; open up
  12. Brocade (n)
    rich, figured fabric
  13. Brooch (n)
    ornamental clasp
  14. Brook (v)
    to tolerate; endure
  15. Browbeat (v)
    bully; intimidate
  16. Brusque (adj)
    blunt; abrupt
  17. Bucolic (adj)
  18. Buffet (v)
    slap; batter; knock about
  19. Bugaboo (n)
    bugbear; object of baseless terror
  20. Bulwark (n)
    earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends
  21. Cadge (v)
    beg; mooch; panhandle
  22. Callow (adj)
    youthful; immature; inexperienced
  23. Calorific (adj)
  24. Cameo (n)
    shell or jewel carved in relief
  25. Canny (adj)
    shrewd; thrifty
  26. cant (n)
    insencere expressions of piety; jargon of thieves
  27. Cantankerous (adj)
    ill-humored; irritable
  28. Canter (n)
    slow gallop
  29. canto (n)
    division of a long poem
  30. Capacious (adj)
  31. Capillary (adj)
    having very fine bore
  32. Capitulate (v)
  33. Caprice (n)
  34. Captious (adj)
  35. Carafe (n)
    glass water bottle; decanter
  36. Careen (v)
    to lurch; sway from side to side
  37. Carillon (n)
    set of bells capable of being played
  38. Carousal (n)
    drunken revel
  39. Carping (n)
    petty criticism; fault-finding
  40. Carrion (n)
    rotting flesh of a dead body
  41. Catechism (n)
    book for religious instruction; instruction by question and answer
  42. Caucus (n)
    private meeting of members of a party to select officers or determine policy
  43. Cavil (v)
    to make frivolous objections
  44. Celerity (n)
    speed; rapidity
  45. Censorious (adj)
  46. Censure (v)
    to blame or criticize
  47. Cerebration (n)
  48. Certitude (n)
  49. Chaff (n)
    worthless products of an endeavor
  50. Chaffing (adj)
    bantering; joking
  51. Chagrin (n)
    vexation (caused by humiliation or injured pride; disappointment
  52. Chary (adj)
    cautious; sparing or restrained about giving
  53. Chase (v)
    ornament a metal surface by indenting
  54. Chasten (v)
    correct by punishment or scolding; restrain
  55. Chastened (adj)
    humbled; subdued; rebuked
  56. Check (v)
    stop motion; curb or restrain
  57. Chide (v)
    to scold
  58. Chisel (v)
    to swindle or cheat; cut with a chisel
  59. Choleric (adj)
  60. chortle (v)
    chuckle with delight
  61. Churlish (adj)
    boorish; rude
  62. Cipher (n, n)
    • nonentity; wothless person or thing
    • secret code
  63. Circlet (n)
    small ring; band
  64. Circuitous (adj)
  65. Cistern (n)
    resevoir or water tank
  66. Citadel (n)
  67. Clamber (v)
    climb by crawling
  68. Clapper (n)
    striker (tongue) of a bell
  69. Clemency (n)
    disposition to be lenient; mildness, as of the weather
  70. Clime (n)
    region; climate
  71. Cloister (n)
    monestary or convent
  72. Coda (n)
    concluding section of a musical or literary composition
  73. Codocil (n)
    supplement to the body of a will
  74. Codify (v)
    arrange (laws, rules) as a code; classify
  75. Coeval (adj)
    living at the same time as; contemporary
  76. Cog (n)
    tooth projecting from a wheel
  77. Cognate (adj)
    related linguistically; allied by blood; similar or akin in nature
  78. Coiffure (n)
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