Barron's 3500 words

  1. Apothegm (n)
    pithy, compact saying
  2. Apotheosis (n)
    elevation to godhood; an ideal exampe of something
  3. Appelation (n)
    name; title
  4. Application (n)
    diligent attention
  5. Apposite (adj)
    appropriate; fitting
  6. Apprise (v)
    to inform
  7. Appurtenances (n)
    subordinate possessions
  8. Apropos (adj, prep)
    • (adj) to the point and timely
    • (prep) with reference tol regarding
  9. Aquiline (adj)
    curved, hooked
  10. Arabesque (n)
    style of decoration involving intertwined plants and abstract curves; a ballet pose on one leg with the other leg extended in back
  11. Arable (adj)
    fit for growing crops
  12. Arcane (adj)
    secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated
  13. Argot (n)
  14. Array (v, v)
    • to marshall; draw up in order
    • to clothe; adorn
  15. Arrears (n)
    being in debt
  16. Arroyo (n)
  17. Artful (adj)
    cunning; crafty; sly
  18. Artifice (n)
    decpetion; trickery
  19. Artless (adj)
    without guile; open and honest
  20. Ascendency (n)
    controlling influence
  21. Aseptic (adj)
    preventing infection
  22. Ashen (adj)
    ash-colored; deadly pale
  23. Askance (adv)
    with a sideways or indirect look
  24. Asperity (n)
    sharpness (of temper)
  25. Aspersion (n)
    slanderous remark
  26. Assay (v)
    to analyze; evaluate
  27. Assent (v)
    to agree; accept
  28. Assiduous (adj)
  29. Astringent (adj)
    binding; causing contraction
  30. Asunder (adv)
    apart; into parts
  31. Atavism (n)
    resemblance to remote ancestors rather than parents; reversion to an earlier type; throwback
  32. Augment (v)
    to increase; add to
  33. Auspicious (adj)
    favoring success
  34. Avarice (n)
  35. Aver (v)
    to assertconfidently or declare; as used in law, state formally as a fact
  36. Avid (adj)
    greedy; eager for
  37. Avocation (n)
    minor or secondary occupation
  38. Avow (v)
    to acknowledge openly
  39. Avuncular (adj)
    like an uncle
  40. Awl (n)
    pointed tool used for piercing
  41. Awry (adj)
    distorted, crooked
  42. Bachannalian (adj)
  43. Badinage (n)
    teasing conversation
  44. Bait (v)
    to harass or tease
  45. Baleful (adj)
    threatening; menacing; sinister; foreshadowing evil
  46. Balk (v, v)
    • to stop short and refuse to continue
    • to foil
  47. Ballast (n)
    a heavy substance used to add stability or weight
  48. Balm (n)
    something that relieves pain
  49. Bandy (v)
    to discuss lightly or glibly; exchange (words) heatedly
  50. Baneful (adj)
    destructive; causing ruin or death
  51. Bard (n)
  52. barefaced (adj)
  53. Baroque (adj)
    highly ornate
  54. Barrister (n)
  55. Bastion (n)
    stronghold; something seen as a source of protection
  56. Bate (v)
    to let down; restrain (bated, adj)
  57. bauble (n)
    trinket; trifle
  58. Bawdy (adj)
    indecent; obscene
  59. Beatific (adj)
    showing or producing joy; blissful
  60. Beatify (v)
    to bless or sanctify; to proclaim someone dead to be one of the blessed
  61. Beatitude (n)
    blessedness; state of bliss
  62. Bedizen (v)
    to dress with vulgar finery
  63. Bedraggle (v)
    wet thouroughly
  64. Beguile (v)
    to mislead or delude; chaet; pass time
  65. Beholden (adj)
    obligated; indebted
  66. Belabor (v)
    to explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally
  67. Beleaguer (v)
    to besiege or attack; harass
  68. Belie (v)
    to contradict; give fasle impression
  69. Bellicose (adj)
    warlike; pugnacious; naturally inclined to fight
  70. Bemoan (v)
    lament; express disapproval of
  71. Bemused (adj)
    confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
  72. Benediction (n)
  73. Beneficient (adj)
    kindly; doing good
  74. Benign (adj)
    kindly; favorable; not malignant
  75. Benison (n)
  76. Berate (v)
    scold strongly
  77. Bereavement (n)
    state of being deprived of something valuable of beloved
  78. Beset (v)
    to harass or trouble; hem in
  79. Besiege (v)
    surround with aremed forces harass (with requests)
  80. Besmirch (v)
    soil; defile
  81. Bestow (v)
  82. Betoken (n)
    signify; indicate
  83. Betroth (v)
    to become engaged to marry
  84. Bicameral (adj)
    two-chambered, as a legislative body
  85. Bilious (adj)
    suffering from a liver complaint; peevishly ill-humored
  86. Bivouac (n)
    temporary encampment
  87. Blandish (v)
    to cajole; coax with flattery
  88. Blare (n)
    loud, harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light
  89. Blighted (adj)
    suffering from a disease; destroyed
  90. Bluff (adj)
    rough but good-natured
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