Latin Vocab 10

  1. disciplina
    ae, f. training, instruction
  2. discipulus
    i, m. student
  3. lingua
    linguae,f. tongue, language
  4. magister
    magistri, m, teacher
  5. patria
    ae, f. fatherland country
  6. augeo
    augére,auxi, auctusñ increase
  7. doceo
    docére, docui, doctus, reach
  8. habeo
    habére, habui, habitus, have, hold
  9. terreo
    terrére, terrui, territus, scare, frighten
  10. primo
    at first
  11. disciple
  12. bilingual
    of/pert. to ability to speak two languages
  13. linguistic
    of/pert. languages
  14. linguist
    one who speaks several languages; one who specializes in languages
  15. magisterial
    of/pert. to or having charestics of a teacher or magistrate; of/pert. to administration
  16. magistrate
    official charged with the administration of laws
  17. to expatraiate
    to leace one's natice country to live elsewhere
  18. patriotic
    displaying love/respect for one's country
  19. auction
    sale of property too the highest bidder
  20. to augment
    to increase
  21. document
    official paper relied uponas basis of proof
  22. to document
    to prove via supporting facts
  23. docent
    a person who is a knowledgable guide att a musement
  24. to indoctrinate
    to initiate
  25. habit
    tendency toward a type of behavior/mannerism
  26. inhabitant
    one who occupies a place regularly
  27. terrific-o
    very bad; horrible
  28. terrific-m
  29. to terrify
    to frighten;intimidate
  30. prime
    best part; youth; earliest stage
  31. primitive
    of/pert. to the earliest stage; crude
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