1. Sigmund Freud – layers of consciousness (conscious, subconscious, unconscious)
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    • The id is the core of human personality…a
    • teeming mass of urges and desires…the need to avoid pain and seek pleasure. If not controlled these animal urges lead to chaotic and violent societies. Freud conceived of a super-ego section of the mind that inputs information from the family, school, and church that civilizes the individual, thereby creating a buffer against these
    • urges originating in the id, and allowing the conscious to have some control over behavior.
  3. Surrealism-
  4. a new modern
    • consciousness
    • didn't reject western
    • aesthetics didn't promise a cure to society
    • reasserts the
    • invincibility of artistic genius
    • tap into raw impulse,
    • desire, ad fears that Freud claimed were seated in the unconscious
    • mind
  5. Andre

  6. Explored automatic
    • writing
    • created exquisite
    • corpse through old parlor game
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    Breton, Hugo, Knutson and Tzara - 1930

    Exquisite Corpse-

    “The exquisite Corpse will drink the young wine.”

    coined the term of a surrealist practice-

    • literary and artistically chance, randomness, and
    • coincidence was the basis of intensive study
  8. Free

    Association/Automatist drawing
  9. bimorphic abstract
    • surrelaism- automatism “dictation of thought without control of
    • the mind (Arps, Ernst, Miro)
    • close to abstraction
    • but recognizable imagery is resent
    • The other direction of
    • surrealism is presenting meticulous detail, recognizable scenes and
    • objects taken out of their normal context, distorted and combined in
    • fantastic ways as they may be seen in dreams (dali)
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    Two Children are Threatened by a Nightingale

    • Max Ernst
    • 1924

    Dada/surrealist influence

    • Dream landscape with 2 girls
    • one collapsed on the ground, the other running and brandishing a knife
    • they are frightened by a tiny bird

    a figure on top the house clutches a yough girl and seems to reacg for the door knob that is on the frame

    1925- Ernst became a full fledged surrealist participant
  11. School of Paris
    • The School of Paris describes, not an art movement
    • or a learning institution, but instead is more indicative of the
    • importance of Paris as a center of Western art in the early decades of
    • the 20th century.
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    • Joan Miro: SURREALIST
    • 1933

    appears non-figurative but many observers have found a images emerge of animals

    abstract organic shapes are perhaps closest to the biomorphic inventions of Arp
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    " The Persistance of Memory"

    • Salvador Dali
    • 1931

    Is a denial of every twentieth century experiment in abstract organization

    minitaturist techniqu (only a foot wide)

    sour greens and yellow, unusual context, unnatural attributes, an unexpected scale

    Dali obsessed with morphing hard and soft
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    "Soft Construction with Boiled Beans"

    • Salvador
    • Dali


    premontions of civil war

    psychological torment and physical suffering

    figure pulls iteself apart, while other body parts lay on the ground with beans

    he refused to condemn hitler, he reacts to fascism with charateristic self interest.
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    "The Human Condition"

    • Rene Magritte
    • 1933

    capacity for irony, uncanny invention, deadpan realism was appreciate in his art

    an open window with an easel that completes the landscape

    real space versus spatial illusion

    outside ourselves even though it is only a mental representation of it that we experiance inside ourselves.
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    "The Rape The Lovers"

    • Rene Magritte
    • 1934

    Freudian reperitoire of sexual anxiety and erotic interst

    womans nude limbless torso androgynous face

    sexual violence announced in title

    toothed vagina
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    "Luncheon in Fur"

    • Meret Oppenheim
    • 1936
  18. Image Upload 11
    Three Women at the Spring

    • Picasso
    • 1921
  19. Image Upload 12

    • Picasso
    • 1937

    • atorcities of the Spanish Civil War
    • General Franco is a turnip headed monster
    • the bull a symbol of resurgent Spain
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