Pharm Exam 2

  1. a process of pressing a medication onto a chalk tablet, making it available without having to be dissolved
  2. cessation of breathing
  3. open airway, check breathing, assess evidence of cirulation (pulse)
    basic life support
  4. having to do with the brain
  5. lack of oxygen in brain tissue
    cerebral ischemia
  6. an inadvisable treatment
  7. difficulty breathing
  8. low blood glucose level
  9. inadequate oxygen in body tissues
  10. continuous, uncontrolled seizure
    status epilepticus
  11. a blood clot
  12. what are the nine steps to handling an emergency?
    • observe probable cause
    • position pt to open airway
    • BLS ABC's
    • 911 system
    • notify dentist
    • assist in emergency meds
    • bring emergency kit to area
    • monitor vitals
    • provide 100% oxygen
  13. the steps to handling an emergency are to observe the probable _____ of emergency, position pt to open the _____, BLS _____, activate _____ system, notify the _____ of the emergency, assist in emergency _____, bring eemergency ____ to area, monitor ____, provide 100% ______
    • cause
    • airway
    • ABCs
    • 911
    • dentist
    • meds
    • kit
    • vitals
    • oxygen
  14. what is nitroglycerin used for?
    angina pain
  15. what is the drug of choice for angina pain?
  16. nitroglycerin has a strong ______ effect
  17. what is to be used before the sublingual dose of nitroglycerin
  18. what is the max dose for nitroglycerin
    3 tabs or spray over a 10 minute periond
  19. what should you do if angina pain is not relieved within ten minutes and nitroglycerin has been given?
    call EMS
  20. t/f if a pt has has no history of angina then their pain is probably not angina pain, they should be laid in the supine position until pain stops
    FALSE! call EMS IMMEDIATELY and give nitroglycerin
  21. what drugs should be avoided when given nitroglycerin?
    • erectile dysfunction drugs (sildenafil) type 5 inhibitors
    • you must questiont he pt to see if used within the past 12 to 48 hours
  22. what is the cause for most dental office emergencies?
    STRESS-fear, anxiety and pain
  23. t/f the role of the dental hygienist is determined by dental office emergency protocol
    true true
  24. t/f the dental hygienist can assist pt in retrieving personal medications
    true (nitroglycerin, inhalers, insulin, epi pen)
  25. when would you use an epi pen? 2
    • anaphylaxis
    • dyspnea (difficulty breathing)
  26. when would you give a pt nitroglycerin?
  27. how long do you need to wait to give nitroglycerin if a pt is taking sildenafil or vardenafil?
    12 hours (erectile dysfunction meds)
  28. how long would a pt wait if they are taking tadalafil before taking nitroglycerin?
    48 hours (its a tad bit longer than ED pills)
  29. when would you give a pt glucose tabs?
  30. when would a pt need a bronchodilator?
    if they have difficulty breathing
  31. what are beta 2 agonists for an asthma attack?
    • albutorol
    • pibutorol
  32. when would you give a pt primatene mist (aerosolized epinephrine)
    asthma attack
  33. what is the #1 choice drug to stop a seizure?
    benzodiazepines (diazepam)
  34. if a pt unconsciousness during a seizure is delayed what can you wave under their nose?
    ammonia amule (crushable glass perles)
  35. what should be in an emergency kit for an overdose of benzodiapines as a sedative?
    flumazeril antagonist
  36. during hypoxia and loss of consciousness what would you do for the pt?
    give oxygen
  37. if a pt has an overdose of benzodiazepines as a sedative how will they act?
    • bizzare behavior
    • hyperexcitable reactions
    • irrational and try to leave the office
  38. what should be done for a pt if having an immediate hypersensitivity reaction (anaphylaxis)?
    • epinephrine
    • administer oxygen
  39. what should be done for a pt with anginal pain?
  40. what should be done if a pt has an MI, acute coronary syndrom or heart attack?
    chew 325mg aspirin tablet after calling EMS
  41. what should be done for a pt whith hypoglycemia?
    glucose to raise blood sugar levels
  42. t/f there is glucose in artifical sweeteners?
  43. what should be given to a pt ifhaving difficulthy breathing?
    albuterol-2 inhalations over 405 minutes and followed with 100% oxygen
  44. what should be done for the management of a seizure?
    • benzodiazepines
    • ammonia ampule
    • Oxygen
  45. when should naloxone be given to a pt?
    during opioid induced respiratory depression
  46. what is an opiod antagonist?
  47. when is oxygen contraindicated?
  48. if a dental office provides IV benzodiazepines what drug should be available in the dental emergency kit?
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