health vocab

  1. cranium
  2. maxilla
    upper jaw
  3. mandible
    lower jaw
  4. clavicle
    collar bone
  5. scapular
    shoulder blade
  6. hummerous
    upper arm
  7. sternum
    cheast bone
  8. radius
    lower arm thumb side
  9. ulna
    lower arm pinky side
  10. carpals
    wrist bones
  11. metarapals
    finger/toe bones
  12. pelvis
    hip bone
  13. fermur
    upper leg
  14. patella
    knee cap
  15. fibula
    lower leg back side
  16. metatarsals
    foot bones
  17. vertebrare
    spinal cord
  18. ribs
  19. tractive
    habit in wich a person fails to make a choices and this failure determines the outcome
  20. reactive
    habit in which a person allows other to make his or her dicisions
  21. proactive
    habit in which a person descibes the situation that requires a decision and identifie and evaluates posiable decisions make a decision and takes responsibility for its conseqences
  22. peer
    someone of a similar age of status
  23. peer pressure
    influence people your age have on you
  24. refusal skills
    • say no
    • walk away
    • give reason
  25. - peer pressure stament
    • no one with ever know
    • whats the big deel
  26. self confidence
    belief in yourself
  27. passive behavior
    holding back of idea
  28. stress
    the response of the body to demands of everday living
  29. stressor
    source or cause of stress
  30. dating
    having social plans with another person
  31. rape
    any form of sexual intercourse that takes place against a person
  32. date rape
    dating situation
  33. aguantance rape
    rapist know by the person being raped
  34. self esteem
    belief in yourself
  35. character
    distinctive qualities that descibes how a person thinks feels and behaves
  36. general adaption syndrame
    series of body changes the result from stess
  37. stage 1
    • alarm stage in which body gets ready for quick action
    • adrenaline
  38. stage 2
    reostance stage the body tries to regain internal balance
  39. 3rd stage
    exhaustion stage in which wear and tear on body increases the risk in injury and illness and premature dealth
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