Rock Cycle

  1. Residual Soil
    Located ABove parent material
  2. Transporatated Soil
    moved away from parent bedrock
  3. Soil Profile
    vertical sequence of of soil layers
  4. 4 main characteristics that make up a mineral
    • Naturally Occuring
    • Inorganic Solid
    • Definate Crystalline Structure
    • Specific Chemical Composition
  5. Crystal
    A solid in which the atoms are arranged in a repeating pattern.
  6. magma
    molten material found beneath earths crust
  7. 7 ways to identify a mineral
    Color, Luster, Streak, Cleavage & Fracture, Hardness, Density & Specific Gravity, And Texture
  8. Most abundant element found in earths crust?
  9. Oxygen + Silicon = ?
  10. How are IGNEOUS rocks formed...?
    crystallization of magma
  11. two types of igneous rocks
    • intrusive- coarse grained rocks. cooled slowly underneath earths crust.
    • extrusive- Fine grained rocks. cooled quickly on earths surface.
  12. sediments
    pieces of solid material that have been deposited
  13. how are sedimentary rocks formed.
    deposition burial & lithification
  14. meatmorphic rocks are formed by ________ & ____________
    heat & pressuree!
  15. two types of weathering?
    • mechanical- physical
    • chemical- composition
  16. exfoliation
    stripping away outter layers
  17. frost wedging
    water inside cracks, cold, freezes, ice expands, rocks crack even more
  18. 4 factors effecting chemical weathering
    water oxygen carbon dioxide acids
  19. hydrolysis , oxidation
    • the reaction of substances with water.
    • the reaction of substances with oxygen.
  20. depostition
    final stage of erosion process
  21. running water
    the most signifigant cause of erosian
  22. gravitys role in erosian
    w/o gravity, glaciers would not slope downward
  23. how does running water effect erosian?
    carries sediments
  24. wind erosian
    moves particles
  25. soil
    loose covering of broken rock particles and organic matter
  26. 3 characteristics of soil
    texture fertility color
  27. does poorly developed soil show little or great distinction between layers?
    little distinction
  28. 4 soil types
    • polar soils- high altitudes
    • temprate soils- support a diverse enviroment
    • desert soils- high level of accumulated salt
    • tropical soils- weathered and infertile
  29. soil fertility
    how well a soil can support a growth of plants.
  30. 2 main factors that effect soil color?
    compostion and climate
  31. soil horizon
    a distinct layer zone with a soil profile
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