The Names Of God

  1. El Shaddi
    (el shad-di')
    All-Sufficient One, Lord God Almighty
  2. El Elyon
    (el el-yone')
    The Most High God
  3. Adonai
    Lord, Master
  4. Yahweh
    Lord, Jehovah
  5. Jehovah Nissi
    (yeh-ho-vaw' nis-see')
    The Lord My Banner, The Lord My Miracle
  6. Jehovah-Raah
    (yeh-ho-vaw' raw-aw')
    The Lord My Shepherd
  7. Jehovah-Rapha
    (yeh-ho-vaw' raw-faw')
    The Lord That Heals
  8. Jehovah Shammah
    (yeh-ho-vaw' shawm'-maw)
    The Lord Is There
  9. Jehovah Tsidkenu
    (yeh-ho-vaw' tsid-kay'-noo)
    The Lord Our Righteousness
  10. Jehovah Mekoddishkem
    (yeh-ho-vaw' M-qadash)
    The Lord Who Sanctifies You, The Lord Who Makes Holy
  11. El Olam
    (el o-lawm')
    The Everlasting God, The God of Eternity, The God of the Universe, The God of Ancient Days
  12. Elohim
    God, Judge, Creator
  13. Jehovah Jireh
    (yeh-ho-vaw' yir-eh')
    The Lord Will Provide
  14. Jehovah-Shalom
    (yeh-ho-vaw' shaw-lome')
    The Lord Is Peace
  15. Jehovah Sabaoth
    (yeh-ho-vaw' se ba'ôt)
    The Lord of Hosts, The Lord of Powers
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The Names Of God
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