Chap. 7

  1. Vibration of the Earth produced by the rapid release of energy:
  2. Earth has a layered structure:
    • - Core
    • - Mantle
    • - Crust
  3. Inside of the Earth, the Lithosphere "floats" on the:
  4. Continental crust (granitic)
  5. Oceanic crust (basaltic)
  6. 2 types of folds:
    • 1.) Anticline (facing down)
    • 2.) Syncline ("U"shape)
  7. a crack in the Earth's crust along which movement has occurred:
  8. 2 types of faults:
    • 1.) Dip-slip faults (movement is vertical)
    • 2.) Strike-slip faults (movement is horizontal)
  9. Types of dip-slip faults:
    • - Normal fault (footwall- UP)
    • - Reverse fault
    • - Thrust fault
  10. How many large plates make up the lithosphere? How many smaller ones?
    7 large plates and 20 smaller ones
  11. Evidence in support of the Theory of Plate Tectonics/continental drift:
    Shape of coastlines (jigsaw puzzle fit), glacial deposits, fossil evidence implies once-continuous landc onnections between now-separated areas
  12. 3 types of plate boundaries:
    • - Divergent
    • - Convergent
    • - Transform
  13. The plates move apart from one another. New crust is generated between the diverging plates
  14. The plates move toward one another and collide. Crust is destroyed as one plate is pushed beneath another
  15. The plates slide horizontally past each other. Crust is neither produced nor destroyed (ex. San Andreas Fault)
  16. Divergent plate boundaries (characteristics)
    Plates move apart from one another; Tensional stress; Rifting occurs; Normal faults; Igneous intrusions, commonly basalt, forming new crust
  17. Convergent plate boundaries (characteristics)
    Plates move toward one another; Compressional stress; Continental collision; Subduction
  18. Plate tectonic model for opening and closing of an ocean basin repeatedly over time
    The Wilson Cycle
  19. What forces drive plate tectonics? What hypotheses have been proposed to explain the plate motion?
    • - Convection Cells in the Mantle
    • - Ridge-Push and Slab-Pull Model
    • - Thermal Mantle-plumes
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