Chapter 13 Quiz

  1. The accounting department has received a new laser printer. According to the printertechnical specification, the printer complies with the Bluetooth Class 2 specification.What is the maximum distance that any device could be expected to successfully sendprint jobs?
    33 feet (10 meters)
  2. Which type of encryption key should be enabled on WPA-compliant devices?
  3. A laptop will only work on AC power. What should be done to fix the problem?
    Replace the battery
  4. Which two types of batteries should be completely discharged and then fully recharged?
    Ni-Cad, NiMH
  5. The design department recently doubled the RAM capacity in all of the laptops. After theupgrade, the laptop users reported experiencing improved performance. Whichoperational benefit have the users noticed after the RAM increase?
    The hard disk swap file is read less frequently.
  6. Which three laptop components should be cleaned during routine maintenance?
    exterior case, cooling vents, and keyboard
  7. Which portable connection provides the user with the possibility of high-speed Internet?
  8. Which wireless technology offers a maximum data rate of 540 Mbps?
  9. Which standard uses a 128-bit key to secure Wi-Fi services?
  10. Which two sources can be used to determine the amount of currently installed RAM on?
    System Properties window, POST
  11. Which Windows XP tool keeps track of application errors and security alerts, so that they can be analyzed on a later date?
    Event Viewer
  12. What are two steps a technician should take before repairing a laptop?
    Check for a warranty, back up all data
  13. When troubleshooting, which two actions are expected to be carried out immediately?
    Documentation, Close with the customer
  14. Which three standard procedures must always be included in a preventive maintenance?
    physical cleaning, hard drive maintenance, software updates
  15. Manufacturers often offer devices in two versions, one with all the necessary manuals and drivers and one without. Which two names are given to these versions?
    OEM, retail
  16. Why should care be taken when charging and handling a laptop battery?
    Laptop batteries can explode if mishandled or improperly charged.
  17. Which step in the laptop troubleshooting process would a technician check the power connection, make sure all cables are securely attached, and insure that the battery is inserted properly?
    Verifying the obvious issues
  18. Which two types of ports can be used to attach an external hard drive to a laptop computer?
    USB, FireWire
  19. Which 802.11 standard uses 5GHz technology?
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