SAT Vocab #15

  1. abominable
    (adj.) revolting; vile; detestable; odious
  2. baleful
    (adj.) pernicious; deadly or harmful in influence; menacing
  3. composure
    (adj.) calmness
  4. dissipated
    (adj.) scattered, wasted; wasteful in pursuit of pleasure
  5. ebb
    (v) to decline
  6. iconoclast
    (n) a person who attacks cherished beliefs or established institutions
  7. presage
    (v) to indicate or warn of in advance; to foretell
  8. profusion
    (n) abundance; a great or generous amount; extravagance
  9. pusillanimous
    (adj.) lacking courage; cowardly
  10. pyromania
    (n) uncontrollable urge to start fires
  11. scapegoat
    (n) one taking the blame for the mistakes and crimes of others
  12. tyro
    (n) a beginner, novice; neophyte
  13. unimpeachable
    (adj.) beyond doubt or reproach; unquestionable
  14. utopian
    (adj.) excellent, but existing only in fancy or theory; given to dreams of schemes of perfection
  15. vortex
    (n) whirlpool; fluid rotation around a central point
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SAT Vocab #15
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