Linux Intermediate

  1. command to list files
  2. by default, linux does not list what type of files?
    dotfiles .access
  3. to see all files, what flag do you add?
    ls -al
  4. to see user acess what flag do you use?
    ls -l
  5. to get to the home directory?
    cd ~
  6. wild card for one letter
    ? as in ls a? will return everything that has a and another single character (am, a1, etc.)
  7. wild card for any number of letters
  8. difference between * and ?
    * any number of characters where as ? is one character or digit only. * covers ? and ??, etc.
  9. How to go up one level in the structure?
    Cd ..
  10. how to go up 2 levels in the structure?
    cd ../..
  11. command for copying files in same directory
    cp cas
  12. Copy files or rename them
  13. Duplicate a whole directory
    cp -a cgi cgi2
  14. Move or rename a file
  15. delete file
    • rm remove
    • rm
  16. create a directory
    mkdir images
  17. remove directory
    rmdir images
  18. remove all the files in a directory
    rm -r cgi2
  19. If you copy more than one file
    cp backups
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