1. What is the supreme law of
    the land?
    the Constitution
  2. What does the
    Constitution do?
    • -sets up the government
    • -defines the government
    • -protects basic rights of
    • Americans
  3. The idea of self-government is
    in the first three words of the
    Constitution. What are these
    We the People
  4. What is an amendment?
    • -a change (to the
    • Constitution)
    • -an addition (to
    • the Constitution)
  5. What do we call the first
    ten amendments to the
    the Bill of Rights
  6. What is one right or
    freedom from the
    First Amendment?*
    • 1.speech
    • 2.religion
    • 3.assembly
    • 4.press
    • 5.petition the
    • government
  7. How many amendments
    does the Constitution have
    • twenty-seven
    • (27)
  8. What did the
    Declaration of
    Independence do?
    • 1.announced our independence (from Great Britain)
    • 2.declared our independence (from Great Britain)
    • 3.said that the United States is free
    • (from Great Britain)
  9. What are two rights in the
    Declaration of Independence?
    • 1.life
    • 2.liberty
    • 3.pursuit of happiness
  10. What is freedom of religion?
    You can practice any religion, or not practice a religion.
  11. What is the economic system in the United states?
    Capitalist and market economy
  12. What is the rule of law
    Everyone must follow the law.
  13. Name one branch or part of the government.
  14. What stops one branch of goverment from becoming too powerful?
    • Checks and balances.
    • Separtion of powers
  15. who is in charge of the executive branch?
    The president
  16. Who makes federal laws?
    • Congress
    • Senate and house
    • Legislature.
  17. What are the two parts of the us congress
    The senate and house of representatives.
  18. How many Us senators are there
    One hundrer
  19. We elect a US senator for how many years?
  20. Who is one of your state's US senator now
    Nelson Bill
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