1. The word baroque meant all of the following except
  2. All of the following were baroque painters except
    Isaac Newtom
  3. Baroque style flourished in music during the period
  4. The two giants of baroque composition were George Frideric Handel and
    Johann Sebastian Bach
  5. All of the following were major baroque composers except
    Wolfgang Mozart

    *Amtomis, Arcamgelo, ad Claudio were
  6. The early baroque was characterized by
    homophonic texture
  7. One of the most revolutionary periods in music history was the
    Early baroque
  8. Claudio Monteverd, an early baroque composer, strove to create music that was
    passionate and dramatic
  9. The early and late baroque periods differed in that composers in the early baroque
    favored homophonic
  10. Instrumental music became as important as vocal music for the first time in the
    late baroque
  11. AFFECTIONS in the baroque music refers to
    emotional states of moods of music
  12. A baroque musical composition usually expresses
    one basic mood
  13. The compelling drive and energy in baroque music are usually provided by
    repeated rhythmic patterns
  14. Melodic frequence refers to
    the successive repetition of a musical idea of high/low pitches
  15. Baroque dynamics consisted mainly of sudden...
  16. A bass part be played above its characteristic of the baroque is called
    besso continuo
  17. The orchestra evolved during the baroque period into a performing group based on the instruments of the _____ family.
  18. A section that sounds fairly complete and independent, but part of a larger composition
  19. The position of the composer during the Baroque period was that of
    a high class servant with few personal rights
  20. The main themes of a fugue is called the
  21. The text, or book, of a musical dramatic work is called
  22. A song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment
  23. Members of the Camerata wanted to create a new vocal style based on the
    music of ancient Greek tragedies
  24. The earliest opera that has been preserved is
  25. Classicism, as a stylistic period in western art music roughly encompassed the years
  26. Which of the following composers is NOT considered a master of the classical period?
    Johann Sebastian Bach
  27. Composers in the classical period took middle-class tastes into account by
    all of the above
  28. The following characteristics is NOT typical of the classical period?
    Classical music is basically polyphonic
  29. In the classical period serious composition was favored by
    fold and popular music
  30. The prospering middle class in the classical period sought aristocratic luxuries such as
    all of the above
  31. In Vienna Haydn and Mozart
    became close friends
  32. The typical orchestra of the classical period consisted of
    strings, woodwinds, horns, and trumpets
  33. Sonats form consists of three main sections: exposition, development, and _____.
  34. Short musical ideas or fragments of themes that are developed
  35. The ____ movement in Haydn's surprise symphony is in a theme-and-variations form.
  36. The minuet first appeared around 1650 as a
    Barice at the court of Louis XIV
  37. A ____ is a musical composition that is usually light in mood and
  38. The rando may be schematically outline as
  39. A classical concerto is a three-movement work for
    instrumental soloist and orchestra
  40. A brilliant solo section in a concerto designed to display the performer's virtuosity is called
  41. Classical chamber music is designed
    intimate setting of a small room
  42. The most important form of classical chamber music is the
    string quartet
  43. Haydn was fortunate in having a long and fruitful, as well as financially stable
  44. Which of the following is NOT one of Mozart's three masterpieces of Italian Opera
    • Orfeo
    • *They are "The Marriage of Figaro", "Don Giovanni" and "Cosi fan tutte(All Women Behave Like This)"
  45. The thirds symphony of Beethoven was originally composed to commemorate the deeds of _____ as the embodiment of heroism and democratic ideals.
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