Blood Spatter

  1. It's blood _______, NOT splatter.
  2. A ______ is prodcued by a wet, surface....
  3. A _____ transport of oxygen from the lungs to the body tissure and carries CO2
  4. Males having a low sperm count, suffer from a condition known as ________.
    - ogliospermia
  5. For many years, most knownly used test for identifying blood, was called ______ test.
  6. Combination of genes present in the cells of an individual..
  7. The basic unit of heredity is the _____.
  8. The _____ color test has replaced the benzidine color test for identifying blood at the crime scene.
  9. _________ is the fluid portion of unclotted blood.
  10. Type A individuals have ____ antigens located on the surface.
  11. The D antigen is also known as the ____ antigen.
  12. a Type B person might have a genotype ____ or genotype ______.
    -Ibib and IoIo
  13. _____ blood stains cover with a backs strike during repeated....
    -cast off
  14. Protein and enzyme coponents can be seperated by the technique ________.
  15. ________are proteins that have important functions in regulating the body's chemical reactions.
  16. _________are used to produce antibodies designed to attack one side of the antigen.
  17. Blood can be characterized as being human origin by the ________test?
  18. Type B blood contains _____ and anti_____ antibodies.
    -B and A
  19. A drug protein complex can be injected into an animal to cause the formation of _________.
  20. Seminal constituations can remain _______ days in the vagina after intercourse.
  21. The protein ______ is unique to seminal plasma.
    -acid phosphate
  22. _____ reagent reacts with blood making into luminese.
  23. The distribution of AB blood.
  24. .................clumping together by the action of...
  25. A _______ is an observable characteristic of an individual.
  26. A ________ is produced when an object located between the source of blood....removed.
  27. Genes are positioned on threadlike bodies called ________.
  28. The liquid that seperated from the blood when a clot is formed is called _______.
  29. A type AB mother and type AB father wll have offspring of what possible phenotypes...
    -type A, type B, type AB
  30. Type B red blod cells will agglutinate when added to type ______blood.
    -type A and O
  31. It is the prescense or abscense of _____and ______ antigens on the red blood cells on the ....
    -A and B
  32. When a pair of illiac are identical the genes are said to be______
  33. Immunological assay technique currently being used to detect the prescense minute...of a drug is _______.
  34. On the surface of red blood cells are chemical substance____
  35. The distribution of type A in the U.S. is ______.
  36. Spatter size is dependance on _______.
  37. Gunshot wounds produce ____Impact spatter
    -high velocity
  38. The term _____ describes the study of antigen antibody reactions.
  39. Antibodies designed to interact with a specific antigen site_____
  40. The sex of an offspring is always determined by the _______.
  41. One way to determine the minimum number of blows of a stab trauma?
    -trails plus one
  42. One way to determine the minimum number of blows from an ax or machete?
  43. If blood leaves a spatter of 3mm or greater it's most likely from?
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