unit 4 spanish verbs

  1. acusar
    to accuse
  2. alegrarse
    to be delighted
  3. apoyarse
    to support, to back
  4. atreverse
    to dare
  5. colaborar
    to collaborate
  6. confiar (i-i')
    to trust
  7. contar con
    to count on
  8. criticar
    to criticize
  9. desconfiar (i-i')
    to mistrust
  10. esperar
    to hope for
  11. estar equivocado, -a
    to be mistaken
  12. guardar (un secreto)
    to keep (a secret)
  13. ignorar
    to ignore
  14. mejorar
    to improve
  15. pedir perdo'n
    to ask for forgiveness
  16. perdonar
    to forgive
  17. ponerse de acuerdo
    to reach an agreement
  18. reaccionar
    to react
  19. reconciliarse
    to reconcile, to become friends again
  20. reconocer (c-zc)
    to admit, recognize
  21. resolver (o-ue)
    to resolve
  22. soprenderse
    to be suprised
  23. temer
    to fear
  24. aceptar tal como (soy)
    to accept me the way I am
  25. cambiar de opinio'n
    to change ones mind
  26. hacer caso
    to pay attention, obey
  27. hacer las paces
    to make peace with
  28. pensar en si' mismo, -a
    to think for oneself
  29. tener en comu'n
    to have in common
  30. tener celos
    to be jealous
  31. tener la culpa
    to be guilty
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unit 4 spanish verbs
unit 4 spanish verbs