Py 110

  1. The concept of intelligence accounts for differences in _____ and _____of behavior.
    Effectiveness and Adaptiveness
  2. Name and Describe the three general models of intelligence.
    General trait- Set of Specific traits- Operational
  3. The intelligence testing movement was started by whom?
    Sir. Frances Galton
  4. What were Sir. Frances Galton assumptions?
    assumed society mirrored intelligence
  5. The first successful intelligence test was developed in the year ____, by ____in the city of ____.
    1905, Alfred Binet, Paris
  6. why was the Simon Binet test developed?
    To predict school success
  7. What were Alfred Binet assumptions?
    assumed (1) IQ composed of many abilities and (2) The nature of IQ changes with age.
  8. Define the difference between achievement test and aptitude test?
    • Achievement- Measures what we have accomplish.
    • Aptitude- predict what we are capable of.
  9. List and describe the three criteria that must be met by intelligence test(or any other measuring tool).
    • (1) Standarized: norms, administration, scoring
    • (2) Reliability: (consistency)Test-retest alternate form.
    • Highly reliable (R= +0.90) This is most basic.
    • (3) Validity: (accuracy) Does the test measure what it says it does.
    • (1) Predictive Validity (School success)
    • (2) moderately High ( Positive correlation
    • (3) one of the least biased predictors
  10. Which must be demonstrated first Reliability or validity?
  11. which is a measure of consistency reliability or validity?
  12. How large is the correlation between IQ and school performance/
    40 and 75
  13. What are the three important ways in which an IQ test must be standardized?
    • Norms, compared agaist the same norm..
    • norm
    • administration
    • scoring
  14. The Stanford- Binet IQ test was developed by whom?
    Lewis Terman
  15. The Stanford- Binet IQ test consists of a group of subtsts( a set of tasks) graded by ___.
  16. Whats the mathematical form for calculating IQ?
    • IQ= ma
    • _____ * 100
    • ca
  17. who developed the mathematical formula for calculating IQ?
    William Stern
  18. How is ma measured?
    ma= basal age + fraction
  19. What is the WAIS?
    Wechsler adult Intelligence Scale
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