Plight of Ocean

  1. Fisheries impacts.
    • exploited fish population decline in abundances.
    • -its follows pattern: individual sizes decline, total catch declines, fishing effort increases (as effort increases, alternative species are sought)
    • -sequence: largest to most profittable to smaller less profitable, as each species is depleted.
  2. example of fisheries impacted.
    • British Columbia ling cod.
    • 2. Baleen whales off Pacific Ocean. from Blues to Minkes
  3. meta-analysis.
    takes results of many separate studies and pool them to common statistical analysis.
  4. effects on fishery impacts can be grouped into two kinds.
    • 1. food web
    • 2. foundation species.
  5. exploitation of coral reef species cause..
    • healthy to degraded.
    • degraded:
    • 1. low fish biomass
    • 2.high fleshy algal cover
    • 3. low coral cover
    • 4.high density of microbes
    • 5. low coral survival
  6. the effect of overfishing to coral reef ecosystem.
    losing large fish = uncontrol growth of algae. this excess is not consumed but disintegrates to more particulate organic carbon dissolved organic carbon. <<these are feeding grounds for microbes to form.
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