Iran Government Flash Cards

  1. Which government body ensures that all legislation conforms to Islam?
    Guardian Council ensures all legislation conforms to Islam
  2. Iran is known as a rentier state because….
    Iran in a rentier state because they rent out their oil field to support economy
  3. What is the woman’s role in the Majles?
    Women in the majles speak out on women's rights, and the number is small but on the rise
  4. Twelver Shi’ism is named for the …
    twelver shi'ism is named for the 12th imam
  5. The president serves a term of how many years?
    the president serves a term of four years and is limited to two terms
  6. What bodies of the government is the Supreme Leader responsible for appointing?
    supreme leader appoints the expediency council, guardian council and head of the judiciary
  7. How can the Shi’ite revolutionaries in the post-1979 era of Iran be compared to that of Mao’s politburo during the Cultural Revolution?
    Shiite revolutionaries post 1979 campaigned to imprint values on population
  8. What do leaders of authoritarian regimes tend to promote?
    Authoritariand leaders promote cults of personality
  9. Iran has what type of government?
    Iran is a theocracy
  10. What empire lost power by 1722 due to economic problems?
    Safavid empire lost power in 1722 due to economic problems
  11. What does “Equality with a Difference” mean?
    Equality with difference means that women have rihgts but laws favor men
  12. What country can you compare the role of media in Iran to most accurately?
    Iran's role for media most resembles China's
  13. Who is the head of state for Iran?
    Supreme Leader Khamenei is the head of state- and the supreme leader of iran
  14. What form of government has all its rules grounded in religion?
    theocracy is a government grounded in religion
  15. What is divine law? How does it work in Iran?
    Sharia is divine law and dictates all governement decisions
  16. Who is the current head of government?
    President Ahmindinejad is head of gov
  17. Which political parties in Iran are considered communist?
    Tudeh is Iran's communist party
  18. Who supported the 1979 revolution in Iran?
    Clerics, working class (not peasants), intellectuals and students supported the 1979 revolution

    (same as China)
  19. Who took over Iran after 1979 (person)?
    Supreme Leader Khomeini took over Iran after 1979
  20. What is the principle agent of socialization for creating good Islamic citizens out of young Iranians?
    Schools and Teachers are the main force of Socialization in Iran
  21. What did the Mexican Revolution of 1910-11 have in common with the Revolution of 1905-09 in Iran?
    Mexican Revolution of 1910-11 and Iran Revolution of '79 both resulted in constitutions that guaranteee democracy
  22. What is the main issue confronting Iranian diplomacy in its relations with the West?
    Main issue with the west is nuclear weapons
  23. How is the era of the Islamic Republic from 1989 to the present distinct from the era from 1979 to 1989?
    • Islamic REpublic since 1989:
    • legitimacy based on charismatic personality is less importment
    • legitmacy based on policy and economic performance better economy
  24. What is a democratic characteristic of the Iranian government?
    elections of president and assemlby of experts
  25. How is OPEC similar to the EU and NAFTA?
    OPEC is similar to EU and NAFTA because it limits sovreignty
  26. Upon what does the legitimacy of President Ahmadinejad depend?
    President Ahmadinejad's legitimacy depends on polict and the economy
  27. To the reform-minded president, the key political ally for reform to take place would be the…
    Key political ally for reform is faqih
  28. The Majles can only change or enact laws with the a approval of…
    The Majles can only enact law with the approval of the guardian of councils
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