global warming

  1. global warming.
    overall rise in world's temperature caused by increase in concentration of greenhouse gases in atmosphere.
  2. greenhouse gases include:
    water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide
  3. GH gases are
    opaque to infra red radiation (heat) but transparent to other wave lengths of solar radiation.
  4. effect of rising of GH gases.
    recession of glaciers around the world.
  5. threat of tipping point.
    where negative feedback no longer can accomodate external forces and positive feedback kicks in.
  6. example of treats of tipping point.
    • 1. ocean methane hydrate
    • 2. ice, water vapor, and earth's albedo.
  7. ocean methane.
    • methane more powerful than CO2 in re-radiating infra-red
    • -stable in sediments,
    • -cool geologic periods, methane held in; warm geologic periods, methane released.
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