Chapter 17

  1. Causes change of season on Earth
    tilt of Earth's axis
  2. Biomes in temperate zone have this in common
    four distinct seasons
  3. Climate of region that has prevailing winds crossing over water
  4. Soils of decidous forests
    fertile due to decaying leaves
  5. Why one side of mountain has more rain
    rising air cools, releases moisture as rises
  6. Why is fire good for plants
    breaks open seeds so that they can grow
  7. Why are soils in rain forests poor in nutrients
    nutrients are quickly used or washed away
  8. Why are temperate grasslands farmed
    very fertile
  9. Warm and wet biome
    tropical rain forest
  10. Main vegetation in chaparrals
    evergreen shrubs
  11. Removes CO2 from atmosphere
  12. How asteroids change climate
    dust in atmosphere blocks sunlight
  13. Taiga has many of these
  14. What is Pangaea
    250 million years ago was a giant land mass
  15. Why is a city a microclimate
    pavement absorbs solar radiation
  16. Milankovitch theory
    ice ages caused by changes in Earth's orbit
  17. Windward side of mountain
    lush and green
  18. Why is Wasington DC cooler than Miami
    Washington DC ia a higher lattitude
  19. Why does equator have almost the same temperature all year round
    sun's rays are almost the same angle all year round
  20. Geologic records show that the Earth's climate was
    once much colder
  21. what is needed in tropical savannas to continue growth
    grass fires
  22. Why do conifers grow well in the tiaga
    they shed snow easily
  23. A1 km or larger asteroid hits the Earth
    temperatures would be lower
  24. Has the most plants and animals
    tropical rain forest
  25. most abundant plants in the tiaga
  26. thought to produce global warming
    burning fossil fuels
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