wound management

  1. What are the stages of wound healing
    • 1. Inflammatory
    • 2 Proliferative
    • 3. Maturation or Remodeling
  2. What happens during the Inflammatory Stage of wound healing
    This stage is the first three days after the initial trauma. Attempts are made at the site to

    • 1. Control of bleeding with clot formation
    • 2. Deliver of oxygen, white blood cells and nutrition to the area via blood supply.
  3. What happens during the Proliferative Stage
    This stage lasts the next 3 to 24 days. Effect to the wound include:

    • 1. Replacing Lost tissue with connective or granulated tissue.
    • 2. Occurrence of contracting of the wound.
    • 3. Resurfacing of the new epithelial cells.
  4. What happens during the Maturation or Remodeling stage
    this wound healing stage involves the strengthening of the collagen scar and the resumption of a more normal appearance. It can take more than one year to complete, depending on the exntent of the original wound.
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wound management
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