Official Lakes Study Guide

  1. Bisects Great Salt Lake
    Lucin Cutoff
  2. Largest island in Great Salt Lake
    Antelope Island
  3. (Lake) Stansbury Island
    Great Salt Lake
  4. (Lake) Fremont Island
    Great Salt Lake
  5. Great Salt Lake is in this county
    Box Elder County
  6. Three rivers that flow into/from Great Salt Lake
    • Bear
    • Jordan
    • Weber
  7. Near the Wasatch Mountains
    Great Salt Lake
  8. Two peninsulas jutting into Lake Michigan
    • Door
    • Leelenau
  9. Two island groups in Lake Michigan
    • Beaver
    • Manitou
  10. Major island in Lake Superior
    Isle Royale
  11. Two Lake Superior island groups
    • Apostle
    • Slate
  12. Two cities on Lake Superior
    • Thunder Bay
    • Duluth
  13. Main island in Lake Huron
    Manitoulin Island
  14. Main Peninsula in Lake Huron
    Bruce Peninsula
  15. Huge bay next to Lake Huron
    Georgian Bay
  16. (Lake) Drummond Island
    Lake Huron
  17. (Lake) Cockburn Island
    Lake Huron
  18. (Lake) Bass Islands
    Lake Erie
  19. (Lake) Pelee Island
    Lake Erie
  20. (Lake) Kelleys Island
    Lake Erie
  21. Bay on Lake Ontario
    Bay of Quinte
  22. Two Lake Ontario Islands
    • Wolfe
    • Amherst
  23. (Lake) Humber River
    Lake Ontario
  24. (Lake) Trent Rivers
    Lake Ontario
  25. (Lake) city Oswego
    Lake Ontario
  26. (Lake) city Hamilton
    Lake Ontario
  27. Main Lake Ontario River
    Genesee River
  28. (Lake) Isle La Motte
    Lake Champlain
  29. (Lake) Crab Island
    Lake Champlain
  30. (Lake) North Hero Island
    Lake Champlain
  31. (Lake) Alburg Peninsula
    Lake Champlain
  32. Two Lake Champlain cities
    • Plattsburgh
    • Burlington
  33. Three Lake Winnipeg Rivers
    • Nelson
    • Red
    • Dauphin
  34. (Lake) Elk Island
    Lake Winnipeg
  35. (Lake) Deer Island
    Lake Winnipeg
  36. (Lake) Black Island
    Lake Winnipeg
  37. Two Great Slave Lake Rivers
    • Hay
    • Taltson
  38. Two Great Slave cities
    • Yellowknife
    • Reliance
  39. Two Great Slave Lake Forts
    • Providence
    • Resolution
  40. (Lake) West Mirage Islands
    Great Slave Lake
  41. (Lake) city Deline
    Great Bear Lake
  42. (Lake) Port Radium
    Great Bear Lake
  43. Describe geographical positioning of Lake Athabasca
    Northern corner between Alberta and Saskatchewan
  44. Largest Lake in Montana
    Fort Peck Lake
  45. Lake on Mount St. Helens
    Spirit Lake
  46. Large Lake in Idaho
    Lake Pend Oreille
  47. Connects Lake Ladoga to the Gulf of Finland
    Neva River
  48. Fed by Svir, Volkhov, and Vuoski Rivers
    Lake Ladoga
  49. (Lake) city Korela
    Lake Ladoga
  50. (Lake) city Oreshek
    Lake Ladoga
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