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  1. Which of the following is not considered real property
  2. a court determining that an item is a fixture will consider which of the following
    the extent o the attatchement of the item to the building, the intention of the parties, the character of the article in its adaptation to the real property
  3. the adding together of periods of adverse possession is called
  4. the typical period that a person must possess real property in order to be an adverse possessor is
    7 to 20 years
  5. a deed which conveys property to an owner "so long as the land is used for an avocado farm" creates an estate known as
    fee simple determinable
  6. Henry transfers property to Susan for the life of Tom, then to Kevin.On the death of Susan, the property owner is
    Susan's heirs
  7. which of the following items would not be classified as personal property
  8. Failure by an owner of a life estate to adequately maintain the property subject to the life estate is known as
  9. which of the following are known as acts of possession
    enclosure, cultivation, occupancy, construction of improvements
  10. the conveyance of real property in a will is referred to as
  11. Aaron conveys to Bill an estate of property for 20 yrs. and upon the expiration of the 20 yrs. then to Carol. Carol's estate in the property would be
    remainder in fee simple
  12. the main methods of acquiring ownership to real property are
    inheritance, gift, sale and devise
  13. which of the following is not one of the unities required for a joint tenancy with right of survivorship
  14. Aaron,Bob, and Carl, as joint tenants with the right of survivorship, own 15 acres of land. A purchaser wishes to purchase 5 acres of land. The purchaser will need a deed from
    Aaron, Bob, and Carl
  15. A tenancy in common may be created by
    grant, devise, descent and lease
  16. the right of a common owner to be reimbursed from the other common owners for their share of common expenses is called the right of
  17. the voluntary division of common property by the owners into separate ownerships is called
  18. which of the following concurrent forms of ownership contain a right of survivorship
    tenancy by the entirety
  19. which of the following would not be community property
    property received by the wife through inheritance
  20. which of the following are requirements for the creation of dower
    valid marriage, husband owns real property during marriage, husband dies before the wife
  21. which of the following entities can be formed without a formal agreement
    general partnership
  22. vertical lines which run north and south and are used in govt. rectangular survey system are known as
    principal meridians
  23. horizontal lines which run east & west andare used in govt. rectangular survey system are known as
    township lines
  24. land on either side of a principal meridian is divided into 6-mile strips by north and south lines and is called
    range lines
  25. which of the following would be an appropriate monument for purposes of locating a point of beginning on a survey
    street intersection, intersection of street w railroad, intersection of street w stream, intersection of land lot lines
  26. which of the following are generally though not to be public encumbrance
    judgment liens
  27. a use of real property that is changed or prohibited by subsequent zoning regulations is known as
    nonconforming use
  28. which of the following would not be considered a private encumbrance
    ad valorem tax
  29. which of the following people are generally entitled to file a mechanic's or materialmen's lien
    subcontractors, laborers, material suppliers, land surveyors
  30. the land benefited by an appurtenant easement is known as the
    dominant tenement
  31. a foreclosure of a mortgage, which is recorded before the express grant of an easement on easement property, has the following effect upon the easement
    terminates the easement
  32. a landlocked owner who acquires an easement over a neighbor's property to gain access to a public road is generally thought to own
    easement by necessity
  33. a farm owner who gives a person permission to fish in his lake gives the person
  34. which of the following events would not terminate an easement
    failure to use the easement on a continuous basis
  35. a debt payable in money that may attach to real property
  36. power of govt to take private property for public use
    eminent domain
  37. an entity which offers the tax advantages of a partnership and the limited liability of a corporation
    limited liability company
  38. contract to indemnify the insured against loss through defects in the title to real property
    title insurance
  39. description of real property by a govt survey, metes and bounds, or lot numbers of a recorded plant
    legal description
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