9th Grade Biology

  1. Binary Fission
    the division of a prokaryotic cell into two different offspring cells
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    Elaborate on the above diagram
    • G1, s, G2 are all part of the interphase. INTERPHASE is the time between cell division,
    • G1: Offspring grows to mature size
    • S: DNA is copied (Synthesised)
    • G2:Time in which the cell prepairs to divide
    • Mitosis, Cell division
  3. Prophase
    the first stage of mitosis, first the nucleus dissapears and centrosomes appear next to the nucleus. In animal cells the centrosome has centriols. in both plant and animal cells the centrosomes move toward the opposit ends of cell. Then spindle fibers are created and span from end to end but to not touch the chomosomes.
  4. Metaphase
    the second phase of mitosis. During this phase the chromosome line up along the middle of the cells and are held by the spindle fibers
  5. Anaphase
    the chromatids of each chromosome begin moving toward the oppisite ends of the cells.
  6. Telophase
    • the chromosomes reach the oppisite ends of the cells and the spindle fibes dissasemble and the chromosomes return to chromatin and a nucear envelope forms.
    • In animal cells a cleavage furrow is formed.
  7. Cytokinesis
    In plant cells the cell plate forms andin both animal and plant cells the cells seperate.
  8. Cancer
    uncontrolled growth of cells.
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