Medication Classification

  1. Antacids
    reduce hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  2. Antianemics
    Increase red blood cell production
  3. Anticholenergics
    decrease oral secretions
  4. Anticoagulants
    Prevent clot formation
  5. Anticonvulsants
    used for management of seizures/bipolar disorder
  6. Antidiarreals
    Decraese gastric motility and reduce water in bowel
  7. Antihistamines
    Block the release of histamine
  8. Antihypertensives
    Lower blood pressure and increaase blood flow
  9. Anti-infectives
    Used for the treatment of infections
  10. Bronchodilators
    Dilate large air passages in asthma/lung disease
  11. Diuretics
    decrease water/ sodium for the loop of henle
  12. Laxatives
    Promote the passage of stool
  13. Miotics
    Constrict the pupils
  14. Mydriatics
    Dilate the pupils
  15. Narcotics/analgesics
    relieve moderate to severe pain
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Medication Classification
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