GEO Ch.7 Southwest Asia and North Africa Facts

  1. What is this region also regularly called?
    Middle East
  2. This is a region that witnesses many cultural innovations that subsequently diffuse to other parts of the world.
    Culture Hearth (Middle East)
  3. This aspect of Islam that advocates return to more traditional practices, calls for a merger of civil and religious authority, and challenges encroachment of global popular culture.
    Islamic Fundamentalism
  4. Which organization is key to the Middle East's industrial wealth?
  5. What are some environmental problems faced by the Middle East?
    • Deforestation
    • Overgrazing
    • Salinization
    • Water Management
  6. This is the interplay of water resource issues and politics
  7. (“West Island”): Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia;dominated by the Atlas Mountains..this region is called...
  8. Eastern Mediterranean region of SW Asia has mountains and highlands
  9. This includes the peninsula of Turkey(“Asia Minor”) and is a geologically active plateau
  10. This is the region in Iraq, between Tigris and Euphrates rivers
  11. What type of climate region do the Atlas Mountains and Levant coastline have?
  12. What is the term for the number of people per unit of arable (farmable) land?
    Physiological Density
  13. The Middle East has one of the highest physiological densities in the world...right...?
    Yea thats right
  14. The moister areas of the Atlas mountains and coastal regions are called...
  15. How many Egyptians live within 10 miles of the Nile river?
    70 million
  16. This is when plants and animals are selectively bred for desirable characteristics..
  17. This is an ecologically diverse zone from Levant through the fertile hill country of Northern Syria to Iraq
    Fertile Crescent
  18. Traditional form of subsistence agriculture that depends on seasonal movement of livestock
    Pastoral Nomadism
  19. Seasonal movement of livestock from winter to summer pastures
  20. These are areas where high groundwater or deep-water wells provide reliable moisture
  21. This type of river supports irrigation and comes from a humid area to flow into a dry area that otherwise lacks streams
    Exotic river
  22. This is a collectively worked settlement that produces grain, vegetable,& orchard crops; irrigated by the Jordan River and feeder canals Oases agriculture
  23. What are some crops in the Middle East
    tree fruit, livestock, grains, hashish
  24. Where were the earliest cities of the Middle East located?
    Mesopotamia and Egypt
  25. When did trade centers in the middle east rise?
    Around 2000 B.C.
  26. This is the original urban core of a traditional Islamic city and has a central mosque with a bazaar.
  27. How many of Saudi Arabia's workers are foreign?
    more than 75%
  28. What are some causes of women having fewer children in the region
    • delayed marraige
    • family planning
    • greater urbanization
  29. Which two religions trace their roots to the eastern meditteranean
    Jewish and Christian
  30. What is monotheism?
    Belief in one god
  31. What does Islam mean?
    Submission to the will of God
  32. Whom did the Shiite Muslims favor passing power to?
    Muhammed's Family
  33. Whom did the Sunni favor passing power to?
    The established clergy
  34. What are most muslims?
  35. What is a theocracy?
    State where religious leaders guide policy
  36. What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
    • Repeat the basic creed
    • Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca
    • Give charitable contributions
    • Fast during Ramadan
    • Make a religious pilgrimage to Mecca
  37. What is Sufism?
    Mystic form of Islam
  38. What is Druze?
    Spin-off of Shi'a Islam
  39. What is Caliphate?
    The political unity of the Islamic world
  40. This was the vast empire of Turks which included much of the Middle East
    Ottoman Empire
  41. Old Jerusalem includes sacred sites for:
    Jews, Christians, and Muslims
  42. These are Semite languages
    Arabic and Hebrew
  43. What languages are spoken in the region
    • Arabic
    • Hebrew
    • Berber
    • Persian
    • Kurdish
    • Turkish
  44. European colonialism came early on to the region
  45. The global economy has no impact on Middle East cultural values
  46. Political boundaries were never set by colonial powers once the middle east was imperialised
  47. European banks had influence on Egyptian economy
  48. The British were instrumental in establishing Saudi Arabia
  49. By when were most countries in the middle east independent?
  50. When did Europeans begin to withdraw their hold on the middle east
    before WWII
  51. When was Israel created?
  52. What were the dates of the 3 Israeli wars?
    • 1956
    • 1967
    • 1973
  53. Which year was the war when Israel gained the most land?
    1967 war
  54. These are the Palestinian uprisings that protest Jewish settlements, and when did they happen?
    Intifada (1987)
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