1. Danaus
    -a, -um, Danaan, Greek
  2. De
    + abl., from, of, concerning, according to
  3. Dea
    -ae, f., goddess
  4. Deus
    -i, m., god, deity, divinity
  5. Dexter
    dextra, dextrum, right, favorable
  6. Dico
    dicere, dixi, dictus, say, speak, tell, call, name
  7. Dictum
    -i, n., word, speech, command
  8. Dido
    Didonis, f., Dido, founding queen of Carthage
  9. Dies
    diei,m. (sometimes f.), day, time, season
  10. Divus
    -a, -um, divine, heavenly
  11. Do
    dare, dedi, datum, give, grant, allow
  12. Domo
    -us, f., house, home, abode, family
  13. Donum
    doni, n., gift, offering, prize, reward
  14. Duco
    ducere, duxi, ductus, lead, draw, think
  15. Dum
    while, as long as, until, provided
  16. E, Ex
    + abl., out of, from, according to
  17. Ego
    mei, mihi, me, me, I, me
  18. Eo
    ire, ivi (ii), iturus, go, proceed, come
  19. Equus
    -i, m., horse, steed
  20. eripio
    -ere, -ui, -reptus, snatch (from), tear away, rescue, hasten
  21. Erro
    -are, -avi, -atus, stray, wander, err
  22. Et
    and, also, even, too
  23. et ... et
    both . . . and
  24. deinde
    (adv) then, thereupon, next
  25. Demitto
    -mittere, -misi, -missus, let down, send down, lower
  26. desero
    -serere, -serui, -sertus, abandon, desert
  27. dirus
    -a, -um, awful, dreadful, fearful
  28. Doceo
    docere, docui, doctus, teach
  29. Dolor
    doloris, m., pain, grief
  30. dolus
    -i, m., trick, artifice
  31. Dulcis
    -is, -e, sweet
  32. durus
    -a, -um, hard, harsh, solid
  33. Dux
    ducis, m., leader
  34. ecce
    interjection) lo!, behold!
  35. effero
    efferre, extuli, elatus, carry or bring out, raise, exalt
  36. effundo
    -fundere, -fudi, -fusus, pour out, shed
  37. enim
    (conjunction) for, truly/ (after sed) = in fact
  38. ensis
    ensis, m., sword
  39. equidem
    (adverb) indeed, certainly
  40. ergo
    (conjunction/adverb) therefore
  41. etiam
    (conjunction) also, even
  42. exerceo
    exercere. exercui, exercitus, exercise, train, work
  43. extremus
    -a, -um, farthest, extreme, at the end of, uttermost, last
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