AP Gov: President

  1. Formal powers over military
    • commit troops
    • commander in chief
    • appoint ambassadors
    • negotiate treaties that the senate approves
    • recognize countries
    • recieve ambassadors
  2. Informal powers over Military
    • executive agreements
    • access to media (bully pulpit)
    • agenda setting
    • gets to meet with world leaders
    • has access to more information (CIA, joint chief of staff)
  3. How has Congress Reduced president's powers?
    • War Power Act
    • Impoundment Control Act
    • US V. Nixon (lessened power of exectutive privledge)
    • threatening impeachment
    • greater scrutiny of his appointments
    • oversight committee to investigate executive departments
  4. What factors affect his popularity (6)
    • the economy
    • foreign policy
    • if we have a crisis (2001)
    • scandals (watergate)
    • use of the media
    • ability to get things through congress
  5. Independent agencies definition
    developed over time
  6. executive office agencies
    each office headed by cabinet members
  7. chief of staff
    Schedules president's time.
  8. Press secretary
    president's link to people in media
  9. OMB
  10. Joint Chief of Staff
    military advisor
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