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  1. Prescient:
    (adj.) having foreknowledge or foresight
  2. Contentious:
    (adj.) marked by strife or dispute; marked by argument; tense
  3. Debilitating:
    (adj.) weakening; enervating
  4. Heedless:
    (adj.) oblivious; careless; inattentive
  5. Underscore:
    (verb) to underline; to emphasize; to support
  6. Piecemeal:
    (adj.) piece by piece, rather than wholistic
  7. Erudite:
    (adj.) learned; scholarly
  8. Forthcoming:
    (adj.) about to appear; approaching; ready when needed; friendly; outgoing; open; frank
  9. Ameliorate:
    (verb) to make or become better; to improve
  10. Temporal:
    (adj.) worldly, not spiritual; secular; of or limited by time
  11. Salutary:
    (adj.) healthful; beneficial
  12. Ambivalent:
    (adj.) holding simultaneous conflicting feelings; undecided
  13. Concession:
    (noun) a thing admitted as right, true, or valid; a privilege granted by a government or company (as the right to sell food at a park)
  14. Reservation:
    (noun) a reserving or withholding; a limiting condition
  15. Chutzpah:
    (noun) impudence; brass; nerve
  16. Imperious:
    (adj.) overbearing; arrogant
  17. Espouse:
    (verb) to marry; to advocate (some cause, idea, etc.)
  18. Mollify:
    (verb) to soothe; to appease; to make less severe or violent
  19. Acumen:
    (noun) keenness of mind; shrewdness
  20. Perverse:
    (adj.) deviating from what is considered right or good; stubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient
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