General Concepts

  1. Functionalism Antecedents
  2. Antecedent-
    • Structuralism... which was too narrow and restrictive...functionalism sought to include useful, practical functions of the mind and consciousness
    • Evolutionary theory...darwin
    • Animal Psychology...Romanes/Morgan
    • Galton(all British)
  3. Functionalism Zeitgeist
    • Zeitgeist- Science...mind as it functions...practicality
    • shift from biblical authority
    • Industrial Revolution
  4. What did functionalism lead to...
    • Increased research on animal behavior, thus behaviorism
    • Study of children and mental retardation--- educational applications.
  5. Behaviorism Antecendents
    • -Long tradition of Experimental biology and Animal Psych.
    • -Scientific Materialism... Mind & Behavior can be explained using concepts from math and physics.
    • -avoid supernatural forces
    • -Loeb and McDougall
    • - Animal behaviorism....
    • -Movement toward Objective study
    • -Functionalism
  6. Behaviorism Zeitgeist
    • Favored objectivity, adaptability, application
    • consciousness gone from psychology
  7. Behaviorism led to...
    • Fundamental tenet- strict objectivity, no consciousness
    • -Objective observation had surpassed introspection
    • -data in measurable terms
    • -finally a true science
    • - past 5 decades it has died out
    • -Cognitive focus has returned
  8. Gestalt Antecedents
    • Mach- Analysis of
    • -Ehrenfels...triangle will always be a triangle
    • -james.. we see unified objects, not groups of sensations
    • -Phenomenologists.. Immediate experience, meaning in experience
  9. Gestalt Zeitgeist
    • Germany was ready for something different in Psych.
    • Physics-less atomic
  10. Gestalt led to...
    • Looked at an old problem in a new way
    • -refreshed and stimulated psychology
    • -influenced study of perception and learning theories
    • -Major tenets have not been absorbed into mainstream - Interest in consciousness
  11. Animal Psychology
    • No sharp distinction between man and animal
    • Mind in animals would be support for evolution
    • Romanes/Morgan
  12. Operational Postivism
    • -Movement in physics
    • -Define concepts by operations used to observe them
    • -operational definitions
    • -Science is ultimately physical; based on observable facts
    • -All Science issues can be examined via physics and operationism/must be objectively observable
  13. Dynamic Psychology
    • -Cause and effect
    • -
  14. Watson's Manifesto
    • -Purely Objective, no room for subjective
    • -predict and control behavior
    • -eradicate distinction between animals and humans
    • -Methods...Observation
    • Instincts- emotions, thinking, learning and conditioning, and personality
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