1. Triangular Trade Network Countries
    • West Indies
    • Africa
    • Europe
  2. What did Europe trade to Africa?
    European merchants brought goods for African Slaves
  3. What did Africa send to the Americas and what was the passage they took called?
    • Transported slaves to the Americas
    • Middle Passage
  4. What did the West Indies trade to Europe?
    Sugar, Molasses, or other products fo slaves
  5. T/F The developments in the new colonies did not affect the rest of the world
  6. What grew in Europe?
  7. What did the vast movement of people lead to?
    • Transfer of goods and ideas
    • Food exchange
    • Population growth
    • Europeans sailed to the Americas
  8. What is Reason?
    Logical human thought
  9. What are laws that govern human nature?
    Natural Laws
  10. What is the revolution thta came after the Scientific Revolution?
  11. What is the Enlightenment also known as?
    The Age of Reason
  12. What problems were present during the Enlightenment?
    • Social
    • Political
    • Economic
  13. Social Contract
    Agreement by wich people gave up the state of nature for and organized society
  14. Natural Rights
    Rights that belonged to all human beings from birth
  15. Philosophes
    French Enlightenment thinkers
  16. Physiocrat
    looked for natural laws to define a rational economic system
  17. Laissez Faire
    allowing businesses to operate with little or no governmant interference
  18. Thomas Hobbes
    • Levithian
    • 1651
    • Social contract
    • Government to provide security
  19. John Locke
    • Two Treatises of Government
    • 1689
    • Natural rights
    • English Political Philosopher
  20. Baron de Montesquieu
    • Spirit of the Laws
    • 1748
    • Checks and Balances
    • Separation of Powers
  21. Voltaire
    • Most famous Philosophe
    • Wrote of corrupt officials, inequality, injustice, and superstition
    • Famous for wit and advocacy of civil liberties and freedom of religion and free trade
    • 1694-1778
  22. Denis Diderot
    • Encyclopedia
    • New ways of thinking
    • Excommunicated
    • 1713-1784
  23. Rousseau
    • The Social Contract
    • Political philosophy influenced French and US Revolutions
    • Developed modern political, sociological, and educational thoughts
    • Most contraversial Philosophe
    • 1712-1778
  24. Adam Smith
    • The Wealth of Nations
    • Physiocrat
    • Supports laissez faire economics and the free market system
    • Known as the father of economics and capitalism
    • 1723-1790
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