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  1. The kinetically controlled product is formed faster than the thermodynamically controlled product because the energy of activation for the formation of the kinetically controlled product is lower.
  2. The thermodynamically controlled product is the one that is formed under equilibrium conditions and is more stable.
  3. If there are no hydrogrens on the carbon next the carbonyl carbon, the signal for the aldehydic proton is not split.
  4. The glomerular filtration rate is proportional to the glomerular capillary blood pressure minue teh sum of the plasma osmotic pressure and the Bowman's capsule hydrostatic pressure.
  5. Filtrate is formed as fluid passes from the glomerular capillaries through the glomerular membrane into the Bowman's capsule. What region is this?
  6. Glycerol has how many stereogenic centers?
  7. One characteristic that distinguishes eukaryotic cells from prokaryotic cells is that eukaryotic cells contain membrane-bound organelles.
  8. The heart and blood vessels both differentiate from the mesoderm.
  9. Light can be carried along a distance within a transparent material by means of total internal reflection.
  10. In insulators, the valence electrongs are tightly bound to their atoms, and it takes a great amount of energy to free them from their atomic energy levels.
  11. Resistance = resistivity x (length/area)
  12. Metathesis rxn?
    cations and anions exchange partners
  13. The lower the value of K(sp) is, the lower the concentrations of the cation and anion in an aqueous soln and hte lower the solubility of the compound in water.
  14. Terminal voltage = voltage - ir
  15. Within still air, the speed of sound remains constant.
  16. The doppler equation needs:
    • the speed of sound in the medium
    • the freq of the emitted sound
    • the freq of the observed sound
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