1. What was BD's 2008 revenue?
    Over $7 Billion
  2. Who is the CEO of BD?
    Edward J. Ludwig
  3. What are the three business units
    Medical - needles and syringes Diagnostics - diagnostic equipment, products for the safe collection and transport of diagnostics specimensBio-sciences - innovative research tools, and diagnostic equipment (cellular analysis, and products that grow living cells and tissues)
  4. What areas of supply chain that you have studied that you liked and why?
    I've pretty much like every function in a supply chain that I've studied. There are some that I would prefer to focus on over others. Process improvement is one of my favorite areas because it really applies so many of the skills all into one, and there are always different challenges with every new project.
  5. What you would like to get out of the intern program and why is it important to you?
    I'm interested in getting to work in all of the various functions in the supply chain. A rotational program like this allows me to get a taste of each function, what I like, what I don't like, and allows BD to see how versatile my skill sets and knowledge base can be, and to get an idea for where I fit the best. If nothing else, it will be a great experience, and will really build upon what I've learned in the business school.
  6. How do you define supply chain and the importance of it to a company?
    A supply chain is all businesses and processes that are part of manufacturing a finished product from raw materials to the end-user. In today's economic environment, with the increased use of outsourcing, and companies focusing on their core-competency, supply chains are growing increasing more important to an organization
  7. Why pick supply chain for a career?
    • Challenging
    • Creative
    • About approaching old problems from new angles while using mathmatical tools, staticsIn the technology age we're able to have a level of visibility that's unprecedented.It's a very exciting time for the career.
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