Week 6

  1. Hubris
    pride, leading to overconfidence
  2. Tragedy
    the representation of serious and important actions that lead to a disastrous end for the protagonist.
  3. Dramatic Monologue
    a poem, written as a speech, made by a character at a decisive moment in the story
  4. Dramatic Irony
    a special kind of suspenseful expectation, when the audience or reader understands the implication and meaning of a situation onstage and foresees the oncoming disaster (tragedy) or triumph (comedy), but the character does not.
  5. Tragic Irony
    a form of dramatic irony that ultimately arrives at some tragedy.
  6. Hamartia
    the tragic hero's error or transgression.
  7. Tragic Flaw
    moral Achilles' heal; weakness
  8. Purgation/Katharsis
    at the end of a tragedy, we feel better, not worse.
  9. Recognition
    the realization of some fact not know before.
  10. Reversal
    an action that turns out to have the opposite effect of the one the doer intended.
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