World History Democracy and Greece's Golden Age

  1. Pericles
    • 494-429 BC, A wise and respected general who sought to do 3 things,
    • stregnthen the Athenian democracy, by increasing the assembly
    • To Stregnthen the empire, by persuading the empire to built ships with the newly discovered silver,
    • Glorify Athens. by building the Pantheon
  2. Classical Art
    the art of acient Greece and Rome in which harmony, order, & Balence were emphasised
  3. Tragedy
    a serious form of drama about the downfall of a heroic or noble character. (the tragic hero)
  4. Comedy
    a humorus form of drama that often includes slapstic and satire
  5. Peloponnesian War
    a War lasting from 431 to 404 BC in which Athens and its allies were beaten by Sparta and its allies
  6. Philosophers
    a thinker who used logic and reason to investigate the nature of the univers, human society and morality
  7. Socraties
    a philosopher who lived from 469-399 BC who taught that absolute standards did exist for truth and justice and had people question themselfs and their belifs
  8. Plato
    a student of socraties who lived from 427-347 BC who was a student of socraties and wrote The Republic and created the Acadamy
  9. Aristotle
    a student of Plato who lived from 384-322 BC who created the Lyceum and taught Alexandar the Great
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World History Democracy and Greece's Golden Age
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