med coding chap 13 and 14

  1. cardiovascular system includes
    • heart
    • blood
    • plasma
    • blood vessels
  2. Circulation can be split tinto two systsm
    • pulmonary circulation (from heart to lungs and back)
    • systemic circulation (from heart to body tissues and back)
  3. arteries
    • carry blood away from the heart
    • branch out into smaller arterioles
    • branch out into smaller capillaries
  4. capillaries
    • where the exhange of nutrients gases and waste products occurs at the cellular level
    • deliver oxygenated blood and take carbon dioxie away from body tissues
  5. Arteries - lead blood AWAY from the heart
    veins - bring blood BACK to the heart
  6. upper chambers of the heart
    atria; atrium
  7. Lower chambers of the heart
  8. the wall that separates the left from the right sides of the heart
    • ATRIA - interatrial septum
    • VENTRICLES - intraventricular septum
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med coding chap 13 and 14
Med Coding ch 13 and 14