Vocab #8

  1. Specto
    To look
  2. Acuo
    To sharpen
  3. Perpicacious
    Having keen vision, keen minded
  4. Circumspect
    Discreet or prudent
  5. Retrospect
    To look back in thought, refer back to the past.
  6. Specious
    Deceptively attractive in appearance
  7. Introspective
    To look into or examine oneself.
  8. Acumen
    The ability to judge well
  9. Exurbia
    Residential areas near big cities.
  10. Animus
    Intense dislike
  11. Rustic
    Partaining to, or living in the country, uncultured.
  12. Scintilla
    A minute particle, a trace, a spark.
  13. Per
  14. Puntuate
    To interrupt suddenly.
  15. Sub
    Near, close to, under
  16. Urbs
    An urban area
  17. Pejorative
    A derogatory word or expression.
  18. Stoic
    One who is indifferent and free from passion
  19. Magnanimous
    Generous in forgiving an insult or injury, great souled
  20. Pungent
    Having an acrid smell
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