Java March 4

  1. Or
    • the output of “OR” is True if one or more inputs is True,
    • otherwise the output is false
  2. Parameter passing
    assignment of values to variables(parameters) to be used in the procedure
  3. Parity bit
    a binary digit that is added at the end of a group of binary digits to make the sum of all of the digits either odd or even depending on what has already been decided
  4. Pass-by-reference
    passing not just the value, but the actual address of the variable to the subprogram. If the subprogram changes the formal parameter, the actual parameter is also changed
  5. Pass-by-value
    passing just the value of an actual parameter to a procedure. If the formal parameter is changed, the actual parameter is not changed.
  6. Peripheral device
    any device that can communicate with a particular computer. Ex: input/output devices, auxiliary storage, printers
  7. Pointing device
    instrument, such as a mouse, trackball, joystick, used to move an icon on the screen
  8. Primary memory
    part of the memory where the data and programs that are in use at the time are stored.
  9. Primitive data type
    integer, real…(float, double) , character or boolean data types
  10. Private class members
    members of a class that can only be used from methods inside the class
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