1. Look on the bright side...;Mira el lado bueno...
  2. I rather think that...;Me da la impresi�n de que...
  3. Lucklustre;"without energy and effort.
  4. Britain's number-one tennis player gave a disappointingly lacklustre performance."
  5. Last of all or at last;Finalmente
  6. I'll give it a shot;lo probar�
  7. Bold;"brave; not fearing danger.
  8. She was a bold and fearless climber.
  9. The newspaper made the bold move/took the bold step of publishing the names of the men involved."
  10. For your own sake;"por tu propio bien. Their parents only stayed together for the sake of the children.
  11. I hope for both our sakes that you're right!"
  12. You are driving me nuts!;"Me est�s poniendo negro! to drive some one nuts means to let someone loses his temper and became an irritable person in a certain situation.
  13. "
  14. Therefore;"por consiguiente. for that reason
  15. We were unable to get funding and therefore had to abandon the project."
  16. This is tough stuff!;Esto es duro!
  17. I don't get you...;No te entiendo
  18. I can't stand it any longer;"Ya no lo aguanto m�s. [T usually in negatives] to successfully accept or bear something which is unpleasant or difficult
  19. I can't stand her voice.
  20. Our tent won't stand another storm like the last one.
  21. [+ -ing verb] I can't stand hearing her cry."
  22. To do sth just for a giggle;"Hacer algo en plan de broma. Something which is funny
    often when it involves laughing at someone else
  23. Just for a giggle
    we hid his trousers while he was in the water."
  24. It's the best by far;Es el mejor de lejos
  25. I'm getting to that!;A eso voy!
  26. Catchphrase;Latiguillo. a phrase which is often repeated by and therefore becomes connected with a particular organization or person
    especially someone famous such as a television entertainer
  27. aside from that;aparte de eso
  28. gosh!;"caramba!used to express surprise or strength of feeling
  29. Gosh
    I didn't expect to see you here!"
  30. jeez!;"caray
    jo! an expression of surprise or strong emotion
  31. Jeez
    don't yell at me - I'm just telling you what she said!"
  32. In no time;en nada
    en seguida
  33. Have a guess!;a ver si lo adivinas!
  34. It was just a wild guess;Fue lo primero que se me vino a la cabeza
  35. As a matter as fact...;De hecho...
  36. It's the little cherry on top;La guinda del pastel
  37. did you that on purpose?;lo hiciste a prop�sito?
  38. It's taking ages!;Est� durando un mont�n!
  39. We are all set!;Lo tenemos todo preparado!
  40. Blow-by-blow;"Con pelos y se�ales. a blow-by-blow description of an event gives every detail of how it happened
  41. She gave me a blow-by-blow account of her car crash."
  42. What are you implying?;�Qu� quieres decir
    qu� est�s sugiriendo?
  43. by a fluke;"de chiripa
    por suerte. something good that has happened that is the result of chance instead of skill or planning
  44. The first goal was just a fluke."
  45. piss off!;vete al carajo!
  46. To bring up or raise a point;plantear una cuesti�n
  47. We'll manage somehow
    don't worry about it;ya nos las arreglaremos
  48. do not be very hard with me;no seas duro conmigo
  49. never in a million years;jam�s
  50. that's a fine mess I am in!;en que lio me he metido
  51. it sounds like me; es posible que yo lo haya dicho o hecho
  52. let's face the facts;atenerse a los hechos
  53. Could I just stop you there and say something?;Puedo decir algo?
  54. I just do this for kicks;lo hago por diversi�n
  55. you're alive and kicking;vivito y coleando
  56. to pull out the best of her/him;sacar lo mejor de uno
  57. there
    now look what you've done!;Desde luego
  58. This is tough stuff!;Esto es un lio
  59. I'm as mad as march hare;Estoy loca como una cabra
  60. Phrases I've made up;Frases de mi cosecha
  61. it makes me mad;me da mucha rabia
  62. I'm deeply involved in improving my english;Estoy resuelto a mejorar mi ingl�s
  63. I'm very particular with...;Soy muy exigente con...
  64. You're very demanding;Eres muy exigente
  65. from a reliable source;de una fuente fidedigna
  66. I bet you don't dare;Apuesto a que no te atreves
  67. I'm being a little bit clumsy today;Estoy un poco patosillo (torpe) hoy
  68. To get rid or to be rid of sb/sth;"Librarse de algo/alguien. to not now have an unwanted or unpleasant task
    object or person
  69. I didn't enjoy marking those papers and I was glad to be rid of them.
  70. get rid of sth
  71. to remove or throw away something unwanted
  72. That cream got rid of my skin rash.
  73. I used weedkiller to get rid of the weeds in the garden."
  74. To long to +INF;"Desear algo
    anhelar. long for sth; long to do sth
  75. to want something very much
  76. She longed to see him again.
  77. I'm longing for news of him."
  78. May I have or take a peek at it?;"puedo echarle un vistazo? to look
    especially for a short time or while trying to avoid being seen
  79. Close your eyes. Don't peek. I've got a surprise for you.
  80. I peeked out the window to see who was there.
  81. The children peeked over the wall to see where the ball had gone.
  82. The film peeks behind the scenes of a multinational corporation."
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