Exercise 16 - WAW Consecutive

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  1. WAW Consecutive
    Changes the sense of the next verb to agree with the prior verb
  2. ישֵׁב

    "inhabitant, dweller"
  3. כַּאֲשֶׁר

    "just as"
  4. כִּי

    "that, when (with Imperf.)
  5. שָׁפַךְ

    "he split, he poured, he shed"
  6. שׁׁפֵט

  7. חַיִּים

  8. דָּמִים

  9. דָּם

  10. צָעק

    "he cried"
  11. לֵאמׁר

    "to say, saying"
  12. הָרַג

    "he slew, he killed"
  13. שָׁמָּה

    "toward there, thither"
  14. שָׁם

  15. וַיְהִי

    "and it came to pass"
  16. וְהָיָה

    "and it shall come to pass"
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