business law

  1. Crime
    is considered an act against the public good
  2. Plaintiff
    the party that accuses a person of a crime
  3. Prosecuter
    is the government attorney that represents the case in court
  4. defendant
    the person accused
  5. Feloney
    is a major crime punishable by imprisonment or death
  6. misdemeanor
    less serious crime with a less severe penalty
  7. FBI
    Federal Bureau of investigation
  8. DEA
    Drug Enforcment Agency
  9. Treason
    One crime named and defined in the U.S. Constitution
  10. 3 elements of a crime
    • Criminal Act
    • -Conduct that is forbidden
    • Required State of Mind
    • -Mental state needs to be intact
    • Motive
    • -Reason for commiting the crime
  11. double jeopardy
    A person can't be tried for the same crime twice
  12. Headlines of crimes against people
    • Crimes against people
    • Crimes against property
    • Crimes against buisness interests
  13. Murder
    Unlawful killing
  14. First degree vs. second degree
    • First Degree
    • -Aggravated murder
    • Second Degree
    • -Killing with premeditation
  15. Manslaughter
    Unlawful killing of another human being without malice aforethought
  16. Voluntary vs. Involuntary manslaughter
    • Voluntary
    • -Very upset before killing
    • Involuntary
    • -unintentional
  17. Battery
    Unlawful touching of another person
  18. Assault
    Is an attempt to commit a battery
  19. Simple vs. Aggravated Assault/Battery
    • Simple
    • -is midemeanors
    • Aggravated
    • -felonies
  20. Kidnapping
    The unlawful removal or restraint of a person against his/her will
  21. Statutory rape
    victim is underaged
  22. 2 penalties to protect children
    punishment and reloaction of children.
  23. Hate Crime
    Crime because of race, religion, color, and etc..
  24. Buglary
    Breaking and enering of a dwelling house at night
  25. Larceny
    Legal form of stealing
  26. Embezzlement
    The wrongful taking of anothers property, by a person who has been entrusted with property
  27. Robbery
    Wrongful taking through violence and threats
  28. Arson
    Willful and malicous of burning dwelling house of another.
  29. Vadalism
    Willful or malicous damage to property
  30. Shoplifting
    act of stealing goods from a store
  31. WHo is held liable for Drag Racing, joyriding
    all who participate
  32. Computer Fraud, and abuse act
    Law is aimed at computer hackers
  33. The National Information Infrastructure Act
    Keeping hackers from exhorting money
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