OH 103

  1. Nerium oleander
  2. Trachelospermum Jasminoides
    Star jasmine

    Not a true jasmine, vining plant, 2" long ovate leaves, entire margin, pointd ot both ends. 5 petaled flowers
  3. Vinca Major

    Groundcover but not a climber. Opposite leaves that are ovate to cordate and up to 3" long. 1" blue flowers.
  4. Aucuba japonica
    Gold Dust Plant

    Dense upright shrub with primarily green with yellow spotting, simple toothed leaves.

    Requires deep shade in Las Vegas and can be grown in very dark conditions.
  5. Elaeagnus x ebbingei
    Ebbing silverberry

    Shrub with spreading habit. Evergreen in Las Vegas but will shed leaves in colder climates. Brown rough to touch spots on leaves are umbrella shaped hairs.

    Intensely aromatic
  6. Elaeagnus x ebbingei
    Gilt edge silverberry

    variegated cultivar from the primarily green variety Have yellow edges on leaves.
  7. Rosmarinus officinalis

    spreading evergreen shrub and ground cover. distinctly aromatic. Pale blue to dark blue flowers. Culinary uses.
  8. Poliomintha maderensis
    Mexican oregano

    Shrub to 3' tall. Strong aromatic and used in culinary dishes. stems are brittle, and produce 1" tubular lavendar flowers.
  9. Xylosma congestum
    Shiny xylosma

    Large shrub can have thorns. Can be trained into small tree. toothed margin simple leaves with pointed tips.

    Flowers a small and appear in leaf axis in spring followed by dark blue/black BB sized capsules.
  10. Dodonaea viscosa
    Hopseed bush

    Large shrub can be grown into small tree. simple, shiny green leaves, pod type fruits produce winged bracts with look similar to hops.
  11. Brachychiton populmeus
    Bottle Tree

    Upright narrow columnar tree. Trunk is green and gets smaller as it gets taller. Leaves vary on same plant from linear or triangular with distinct lobes.

    Needs protection in las vegas from cold and can get sun scald on trunk in summers.
  12. Simple fruits
    Fruits formed from 1 pistil. They may be true or accessory fruits.
  13. Dehiscent fruits
    Dry fruits which at maturity open by definite natural means to shed the contained seeds. Such as Legumes and Loculicidal capsules.

    Have seams
  14. Indehiscent fruits
    Dry fruits which do not open when mature to shed their seeds. Many are one seeded fruits such as nuts.
  15. Fleshy Fruits
    A fruit in which the wall becomes soft and fleshy as it matures.
  16. Drupe
    A one seeded simple fruit from a superior ovary with a hard and stony endocarp.
  17. Berry
    A simple fruit in which the ovary wall or at least its inner portions become enlarged and usually juicy. Grapes, banana, gooseberry.

    • Hesperidium-citrus
    • Pepo-watermelon, gourds squash
  18. Pome
    An accessory fleshy fruit fromed by a group of carpels more or less firmly united wit heach other and surrounded by and united to the floral tube or recepticle. Apples, pear, mountain ash.
  19. Aggregate fruit
    A fruit formed by the development of a number of pistils from the same flower. The individuals untis may be berries or other specific types. Raspberries, strawberries.
  20. Multiple fruit
    a fruit formed by the development of a number of pistils often with accessory parts, the pistils being from a number of flowers. Mulberry, figs.
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