Coding: Cardiovascular Sys

  1. **TRUE/FALSE**
  2. If Fluoroscopic Guidance is used during the insertion of a pace maker, it is bundled w/the primary procedure & can't be reported separately.
  3. The Epicardial Approach involves accessing a vein & inserting a needle w/a wire in/2 the vein.
  4. When coding a change of battery in a pacemaker, both the removal & the re-implantation r coded.
  5. 2 correctly report Coronary Bypass Grafts, U mst knw the anatomical site in which the vessel being grafted came frm.
  6. PTCA is an acronym 4 Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty.
  7. ___ cardiology is entering the bdy 2 mke a correction or 4 examination
    • a. Invasive c. Electrophysiology
    • b. Non-Invasive d. Angiography
  8. Supervision & Interpretatoin codes 4 angiography r located where in the CPT manual?
    • a. Cardiology subsection c. Lab section
    • b Radiology Section d. Medicine section
  9. An example of a non/invasive cardiology procedure/service is:
    • a. Placement of a temp Pacemaker
    • b. Placement of an intra-aorticballoon assist device
    • c. Cardiovascular stress test
    • d. Angioplasty
  10. The major division of the cardiovascular subsection is wether a procedure involved a ____ vessel.
    • a. Damaged or healthy
    • b. Coronary or non/coronary
    • c. Bypassed or native
    • d. Selective or Non/Selective
  11. ____ is a precedure in which fluid is w/drawn frm the space frm around the heart through a needle & a catheter is left in 2 allow 4 cont'd drainage.
    • a. PeriCardioCentesis
    • b. Pericardiotomy
    • c. Pericaridiectomy
    • d. Pericardiostomy
  12. The device tht can b inserted in/2 the bdy 2 electrically shock the heart in/2 regular rythym.
    • a. Epicardial Rythm Enchancer
    • b. Cardioverter-Defibulator
    • c. Ventricle Insertion
    • d. Transverse Marker
  13. Pacemaker insertion codes R divided based on the surgical:
    • a. Approach
    • b. Type
    • c. Necessity
    • d. Complexity
  14. Wht is the name of the electrodes tht are placed in/2 the Atrium &/or Ventricle of the heart, when a pacemaker is inserted?
    • a. Guide wires
    • b. Catheters
    • c. Leads
    • d. Threads
  15. Wht r the 3 sections of the CPT tht u use 2 code any cardiovascular services?
    • a. Medicine Surgery Anesthesia
    • b. Surgery, Radiology, Medicine
    • c. Aneshtesia, Surgery, Radiology
    • d. Pathology, Radiology, Surgery
  16. Wht does the abbreviation EP mean as it relates 2 cardio serv's?
    • a. Electropathophysiology
    • b. Electric Pathology
    • c. Electrophysiology
    • d. Elective Procedure
  17. Wht type of cardiology is a dx'c specialty tht uses radioactive elements 2 aid in the dx's of cardiology cond's?
    • a. Nuclear
    • b. Invasive
    • c. Interventional
    • d. Radiographics
  18. W/in the cardio sys, wht is compared 2 the branches of a tree???
    • a. Veins
    • b. Arteries
    • c. Vascular Families
    • d. Coronary Vessels
  19. In which type of catheter placement is the catheter moved, manipulated, or guided in/2 a prt of the arterial sys other than the vessel punctured???
    • a. Localized
    • b. Infused
    • c. Infiltrated
    • d. Selective
  20. The procedure in which the surgeon w/draws fluid frm the pericardial space by means of a needle inserted percutaneously in/to the space is called:
    • a. Centesis
    • b. Laparotomy
    • c. Pericardiotomy
    • d. Pericardiocentesis
  21. The # of pst/op days usually assigbed for the global period foll implantation of a pacemake is:
    • a. 10
    • b. 12
    • c. 62
    • d. 90
  22. Cde 36000 {Intro of needle or intracatheter, vein}is an ex of:
    • a. Selective catheterization
    • b. Non/Selective catheterization
    • c. Injection Procedure
    • d. None of the Above
  23. A(n) ___ is a mass of undissolved matter tht is present in blood & is transported by the blood.
    • a. Thrombus
    • b. Aneurysm
    • c. False Aneurysm
    • d. Embolus
  24. Which item is not considered 2 b bundled in w/a vascular injection???
    • a. Local Anesthesia
    • b. Contrast Media
    • c. Introduction of Needle or Catheter
    • d. Preinjection & post injection care related 2 proced.
  25. Which of the foll. modifiers does not identify a coronary artery??
    • a. -RC
    • b. -LC
    • c. -LD
    • d. -LM
  26. Holter monitor is ismilar 2 an electrocardiogram in tht:
    • a. Leads R attached 2 the pt
    • b. The reading is sped up by comp's
    • c. It record readings 4 24hrs
    • d. All of the above
  27. Cardio stress test codes r used for
    • a. Exercise induced studies
    • b. Pharmacologically induced studies
    • c. both a & b
    • d. neither a or b
  28. If the clinic phys performs the catheterization proc @ the hosp, which modifier would u append 2 the catheterization cde???
    • a. -51
    • b. -26
    • c. -TC
    • d. No Modifier Needed
  29. Arrhythmia ablation is a tx 4:
    • a. Bradycardia/Tachycardia
    • b. Atrial Fibrillation
    • c. Complete Heart Block
    • d. All of the Above
  30. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is:
    • a. a basic blood press chk taken in an out/pt {ambulatory} clinic
    • b. Electronic measurement of a pt's blood press
    • c. A proc tht is performed in the phys clinic by hooking a pt 2 a device which measures their blood press over several hrs
    • d. A proc tht is done over a 24 hr period by means of a portable device worn by the pt
  31. If a clinic owns its own x/ray equipment, wht modifier would be used when coding 4 the supervision & interpretation of a cardiac catheterization???
    • a. -26
    • b. -TC
    • c. -51
    • d. No Modifier
  32. If a catheterization is paerformed on the coronary arteries, in which section would u find the codes???
    • a. Surgery
    • b. Radiology
    • c. Medicine
    • d. All of the above
  33. The pulse generator of a pacemaker is also referred 2 as:
    • a. the Lead
    • b. The Electrode
    • c. The Battery
    • d. Cardioverter
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